Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oooo, Ahh, OUCH! Sssst

All the best laid plans..... My goal today was a little ambitious in that I wanted to get everything done in the yard except pressure washing the house.  Leeettle bit ambitious.  I gave it a valiant effort though.  I moved all of the fencing in my garden into place for next season.  I put down edging on one side of the garden, helped Dh with the burning, moved the brid feeder where we can see it even when the garden is fully grown and staked two fruit trees which were leaning.  One of the trees was leaning because with all the rain we've had the ground was soft and the kudzu grapped it and was pulling it over.  HOW DARE HE!  I cut the kudzu back and staked the tree up also removing any residual kudzu on the branches.  mess with my fruit trees!  The nerve!  Anyway, we also move the chicken coop again to give the chickens some fresh grass.  I still need to cover the garden in black plastic, put away all of my stakes, garden tools, etc, and pressure wash the house.  I'm hopeful Dh and I can get all of the outside stuff done this next week (avoiding the three straight days of rain Mon-Wed) and then starting Nov 1st turning my focus indoors to home management, holiday prep, sewing, canning, and general store stuff.  I can't believe Christmas is only 8 weeks 6 days away from today.  YIKES!  I hope The month of November and 25 days in December is enough time to get all I want to do done.

So anyway, I got a good bit done today and have discovered at my age everything hurts and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.  I still have things I can do tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and Sat.  My cut off is Nov 1st.  What isn't done by then will have to wait until after Christmas.  I'll just keep my curtains closed so I can't see it during the winter.(smile).

I have decided the garden is going to be smaller next year.  Yea I can hear you saying "I'll believe it when I see it", but I am really planning that!  Promise!  I know, I know.  The gardening bug hasn't bit yet for next season.  So the summer wrap up continues and the holidays are fast approaching.  I wish I had a more stellar post this go round, but the writers block prevails.  Hows your summer wrap up going?

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