Sunday, October 18, 2015

In memory of my cousin

Years ago (more than I want to count), I counted among my playmates, my cousin Allison.  I would go spend the night at her house, or she mine.  We only got to do this a a couple of times a year.  Added to that are the family events where we could reconnect.  She was then, and is today, a light in my life.  Years passed and we grew up.  Our own lives, families, jobs, took over, and we lost that connection in the hustle.  But I never lost my love for Allison.  The knowledge that Allison was out in the world doing her own thing was one of the things that made my world complete.  Everything was right.  We reconnected thru Face Book in the past few years.  It was nice to be in touch, but as often happens, we talked about meeting for lunch or something but it never happened.  It was during this time she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I watched her fight; the victories and the losses over the past couple of years until the end of September when she lost that battle.  The cancer won in her physical body.  Her spirit never wavered.  Now Allison has moved away to a new home.  She is in the same neighborhood  I suspect as my brother, my grandmother, and many other members of her and my family.  That is how I think of Allison.  It's how I think of my brother and anyone else in my family who has passed on.  She has moved to a city I can't get to yet.  There will come a time when I need to move, but for now I need to stay put.  I do know the living is pretty sweet there.

Allison was larger than life.  As children she led, I followed.  That was the way.  She always knew the coolest things to do.  She never lost that spirit..  She could walk into a room and simply change the atmosphere by her arrival.  Her smile lit up the room.  She loved her family, especially her son, fiercely.  I wouldn't want to be the poor schmuck that got between her and her son.  She loved children in general and was such an amazing teacher the children, in her honor, used their little fingerprints to create flowers in art work used at her memorial service.  She loved dogs, she loved life.  

She loved life.  John 10:10 states " The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come that they may have life. and that they might have it more abundantly".  The thief came to steal from Allison.  He might have taken this earthly shell, but she has life more abundant than ever before thru Christ.  That life the thief can never take away.  We mourn for Allison.  I know what her family is going thru and my insufficient words here will do little to ease that pain, but it's how I feel.  It is my own tribute to my friend.

Life is short,  We are not promised tomorrow.  Don't lose those close connections to friends, and family.  Make the time.  Not face book or email, but real physical time.  Put down your phones, computers, whatever, and enjoy precious time with those you love. You may not have another chance.

In the meantime.  Allison, SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR!  Love you!

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