Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shopping with my sewing machine.

My current summer clothes collection has seen better days.  Mainly pants, I do have some shirts.  I have one pair of decent shorts, one pair of ratty garden work shorts, one pair of capris and one pair of jeans.  The jeans are falling apart I have worn them so much.  So enter my trusty sewing machine.  After catching up on the doll clothes I was needing to finish to add to my Etsy shop. I decided to start working on some existing projects for me.  Yesterday was the day I finished up a new pair of jeans, altered a sleeveless top I wear during the summer, and almost finished up another yellow top for summer.  I have material for days, so I might as well make the most of it.  Some of my fabric was bought on sale at a fabric store, I'll admit, but the vast majority of my fabric comes from thrift stores.  If I see something that catches my eye and the price is good, I will buy it and keep it til a need arises.  My options at a thrift store are not relegated to only yardage of fabric.  If I am looking for flannel or cotton blends, I buy good condition king size sheets to use for fabric.  Mainly I look for solid colors, but if there is a pretty pattern that wouldn't make me look like someones sofa, I will consider it.   Once the yellow top is finished I still have a really pretty vest I need to be working on.  I know it takes longer to actually make something to wear, but it gives me a good feeling to be making something useful out of things I have on hand already.  Make no mistake though, yard sales and thrift stores will still be calling my name soon.

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