Saturday, April 9, 2016

I know you have been neglected of late.

And I have to say part of the problem is the "e" key on my computer.  It keeps sticking so keep that in mind as I attempt to write this.  I have to say though that the main problem is writers block.  What can I write to you that isn't already in the pages of past blog entries?  Always one to face a challenge ( Ahem...); I will attempt to impart something useful in today's post.

   For all you  Bread makers out there!  I know a lot of you may already know this, but I will spread the word to those of us newbies who are still in the learning process.  Slash your loaf!  By that I mean put a light cut front to back along the top of your loaves.  This keeps air bubbles from forming under your crust and messing up an otherwise perfect loaf.  I particularly hate it when the air bubbles aren't seen until after you slice the pretty loaf.   Drives m crazy!  I think I can safely say this one thing alone has been one of my greatest epiphanies.   Well at least one of my greatest Domestic Diva epiphanies.

   Yesterday was my scheduled grocery gettin day.  I haven't had a major grocery gettin day in a while.  I have been trying to combine trips to save on gas and as such I've just been grabbing sale items or what I had to have after dropping my son or now sons off for work.  Yesterday was a bit of a change.  I still dropped my oldest son off for work yesterday morning but this time I did some of my major grocery shopping.  I still have one trip to make to Sams and then I will be done for the month.  Well unless a great deal comes up.  I always hold back some money for deals or fresh items (fruit, veggies).  In preparation for the major haul, I defrosted my freezer and cleaned out the fridge.  This was easy because, after months of just getting what was one sale, both were about empty.  What items were in the freezer and fridge (mainly the fridge) were put to the front and used up.  I also did some other baking; bread, granola and cookies in order to have those things already on hand and in their place before I shopped.  This also keeps me from being tempted to buy breads and cereal when I'm at the store.  I mean let's face it.  Buying those things is easier, just not better for us anyway.

  The garden is just now starting to produce.  The cooler weather crops are starting to come in.  It's nice not having to add lettuce or spinach to my shopping list.  I've planted the rest of my seeds with the exception of corn.  I'm glad I held off putting my tomato and pepper plants in because we've had a late cold snap.  I should be able to put them in finally next week.

Looking forward to the upcoming season.  Our future holds more chicks (hens) for more eggs, and some much needed repairs and upgrades to our little piece of heaven.  So hopefully I can have more things to write about that might be more interesting that what I have written so far. I am also looking at some topic changes in the near future, but that is a work in progress.  Stay tuned.

So what great things are you lookin forward to?  

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