Sunday, April 24, 2016

Moving day for the babies

Yesterday we finally were able to move the new baby chicks from their brooding box to their new (to them) coop.  This past week I worked on cleaning the coop, the nesting box, etc to get it prepared for their new adventure.  They have grown so much in the last 10 days.

So tiny when we first got them.  Really no bigger than the egg they came from.  This was not a problem for us even though our brooding box is actually a lighted seed starter box and really not very deep.  It didn't take long before we started to have issues due to their growth.  One afternoon, while in the living room, I began to hear a loud chirruping coming from the direction of the brooding box.  I went to investigate thinking one of them must be panicked about something.  She was.  This is what I found

The gap you see below her is much smaller than the picture portrays.  How she was able to get out of the box thru that gap is beyond me,  but she did.  After that I made sure there were no more gaps and everyone stayed where they were supposed to.  However, I set to work getting them in their new home before they got so big it was uncomfortable for them.  Now I can say they are in their home sweet home.

They seem to like this corner, even though there is a nesting box on the other side.  We put them in the nesting box and they still made their way over to here.  They look so small in the coop and I guess they think so too.

This is the rest of the space.  You can't see them.  They are behind the water bottle.  I would say they have plenty of room to grow.  It won't be long before they get brave and start to explore their surroundings.  So now that they are settled it's time for my next project!

Have  great day!

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