Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are you lookin for me?

Usually, I can tell when it's time to write another post.  Mainly this is because I notice my counts going up.  This show people checking in to see what's new.  So since I am assuming people are looking for this weeks post, here ya go.

Things are swinging along here on the homestead, despite the rain.  I am pretty proud of our homestead.  We have single-handedly ended the drought in north Georgia.  Once our dryer died and we began to rely on the clothes line pretty exclusively, we began to have rain every day.  So uh..You're Welcome.  Even so, I am still taking my time to find another dryer.  We should have sun today so out go the clothes.

Aside from influencing the weather, I have begun the baking of bread and granola again.  Cookies are coming soon.  I'm also sewing like crazy to get more outfits for my Etsy shop.  I've finished two and have many more to finish.  In fact this morning I sold out of my small size baby doll diapers.  I have more ready to go.  Well once I add the Velcro fasteners.

My main thing today is to begin putting the garden to bed.  I still have tomatoes and limas coming in and so that part will stay, but aside from one raised bed, the concrete beds are all I have in progress right now.  Little by little I'm diggin in chicken manure and  covering the unused portions with black plastic.  While I'm out and about I plan on letting the older ladies out to free range and begin work on putting wheels on the coops in order to move them from grassy spot to grassy spot.

I've been watching a lot of Joel Salatin videos.  He is the owner of Polyface farms, a sustainable farm in Virginia.  As a result of his influence, I am focusing on compost and moving my chickens as much as possible.  He knows not everyone can afford organic feed etc.  As a result his advice is to trust the grass.  He states the chlorophyll in the grass is like a de-toxifier.   So I will be focusing on getting them moved more often.  Hence wheeled coops.  One day I want to grow up to be a sustainable farmer.  Seriously.  With compost and chicken manure I look forward to never having to buy potting soil and/or fertilizer.  What a wonderful day that will be.  Each year I get a little closer.  Right now I have a fairly good sized (for us) hill of compost ready to go for next year and another started.  I am hopeful I will have enough for next year to compost my entire garden, about 20 x 80.

SO that's an update from the homestead.  How are things in your neck of the woods?

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