Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's been a week.

And I don't mean the amount of time between posts.  I mean it has been a week.  Not a bad week, but busy.  This was actually a good week when it came to getting things done mainly because Rubic is out of class for a bit.  That will change come Monday so I tried to make the most of it.

In the garden I reclaimed two raised beds that had been taken over by the weeds.  With everything going on the summer as well as the increased amount of rain, the garden and our lawn kinda went nuts.  We managed last week to get the almost foot tall grass cut and I managed this week with Einsteins help, to keep it that way.  Once the raised beds were weed free, I dug in some chicken poo and covered them for the season.  Funny thing though.  While weeding I found,,you guessed it, a volunteer!  It is a squash of some sort.  I think it's yellow squash and as such can stay.  However it couldn't stay in its original spot, between the raised beds.  One, it's in a walk way, and two, I'm covering those beds up.  So I moved the little darling to one of the concrete raised beds which will be in use a while longer.  I covered it with a pot for a few days to let it get used to it's new home.  I'm happy to say it survived the transplant and seems quite happy among it's new friends.  We shall see what it is for sure after a bit.

Always on the look out for things I can do Instead of structured exercise, I moved both runs to some grass (the chickens were thrilled) and turned under the sand bed the larger (4x8) run sits on. In addition I cleaned out both coops.  Much easier to do when they are away and aren't constantly coming in the see what you're doing.  Once returned to their sand bed that evening, the chickens had to investigate.  They seemed pleased with the results.  Oh!  Before I forget!  The babies have all started laying!  I had figured on them laying around September so this was a pleasant surprise.  The eggs are small, especially from the Asian Black hens, but they will get bigger as time passes.  Very pleased.

So, totally off the subject, but kinda still on it I guess, I discovered something this week.  Buyer beware! I have been sewing like a mad woman to get items into my Etsy shop for the holiday shopping.  I ran out of Velcro for the baby doll diapers and my first thought was Amazon.  Amazon is not cheaper!  Know your prices.  They wanted $8 and some change for the velcro I buy and Joann's had it for about $3.  That is a huge difference.  So yea, bough three at Joann's.  Then I ran out of white thread.  Who knew.  I looked online at several stores and ended up at Walmart to order the thread.  I needed dry milk anyway and thought I could come up with a $50 order to get the free shipping (free shipping...riiiight).  I filled my cart, got the free shipping, but then thought since I had to go by a Walmart anyway I would just pick up what I needed.  Funny thing happened at the Walmart.  The items I had in my cart, and could have had free site to store pick up (isn't that nice of them) for the price I paid online,WERE CHEAPER at the brick and mortar store.  Cheaper!  Not a little cheaper.  Dollars worth!  The dry milk, large 64 oz box, was 14.98 online and the exact same box was 12.98 in the store.  The thread that was on clearance online for $3.09 for 500 yds was $2.97 at the  actual store.  There were other items as well.  So you pay for the privilege of shopping online, and that "free shipping" not so free.  KNOW YOUR PRICES!

Aside from all that stuff, it has been a regular baking, gardening, cleaning, clothes hanging kind of week.  I did get to try my hand at baking a pizza on the grill.  Had to, the power went out just as I was putting them in the oven.  Baked two pizzas on my grill.  Took one of my iron skillets and turned it upside down on the grill rack then placed my pizza pan on top.  Then closed the lid to let it bake.  Success!  The pizzas were good.  I want to figure out how to do that over an open fire for camping.  List of things to do.

So there's my week in a nut shell.  How was yours!

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