Monday, September 10, 2012

For those of you I haven't announced it to...

I HAVE A GRAIN MILL!   WOOOUP, WOOUP!  Interesting story to tell,  My sister tells it better than I.  After cleaning my sisters house Friday, I went by a thrift store near(really near)her house.  I have mentioned said store in the past.  It is The Ric Rac.  My sister and I go there often.  Anyhoo.  I was going to find a larger TV for my hubby's "man cave".  My son and I get there and I am showing him around the store.  We go into the kitchen section and I tell him "I always have to come in here to see if  they have a grain mill for sale, but they never do.  Ah well".  So we leave that section and go down  stairs to the furniture and electronics.  We find a suitable TV($25), a 27 in.  I turn to go up stairs to pay for it and, don't ask me why I noticed it, but I notice a box.  ACROSS THE ROOM.   I walk closer and notice it has a picture o fwheat stalks on it....closer and I see a knob on the front with the settings of coarse or fine.  OMG IT IS A GRAIN MILL!  Breathlessly I look at the price $75!  The great thing about this mill being a used mill, was there was flour in it from before.  I was able to tell how fine it would grind the flour.  It goes without saying I BOUGHT IT!   Now my sister tells me that God wanted to bless me with this grain mill.  He said "Okay, we need to hide this mill in the furniture section so no one finds it.  And also you need to mark it $75 cause that is all she will have".  That part is true.  It just so happens that I get paid $75 to clean my sisters house and I had just gotten paid.  She says I probably noticed it because I had an angel standing behind me going "look that way".  Anyone who has read Frank Perretti's "Piercing the Darkness" will get this..I have to say I like my sisters version.  It is nice to know God does desire to give us good things.  I think sometimes people make the mistake of thinking the good things God is supposed to give us are things like a check mysteriously coming in the mail that pays off all of your debt, uh  the ability to never ever get sick(heard that one), A BRAND NEW CAR!  You know like God is the Price is Right.  Now I am not saying He doesn't do those things, but most times those blessings come in the form of say a helping hand to put on a new roof, a loaf of bread made by hand, pears from a friend, someone to hold your hand when you need strength, someone to pray for you, hug you, love you.  God can and does bless us in so many ways.  Ways we even now don't deserve.  He doesn't do it because we deserve it.  He does it because like any good father he love us and wants to give us good things.

"If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven give good gifts to those that ask him "Matt 7:11. 

But you know the best gift God can ever, and has ever given us is His Son, Jesus.

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us".  Romans 5:8

While I love my grain mill as well as every blessing I have received, they can all pass away.  I am content with the greatest gift I have ever received.   Christ loving sacrifice so that I might be able to have a relationship with Him. Awesome.

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