Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh well, moving right along

Plans for today were to include yard work and cutting grass(for the boys).  God has other ideas in that it is raining and has been raining since last night.  I do appreciate the rain though.  So we will go with plan "B" and spend time in the kitchen.  I need(knead) to make bread.  I could probably add some other things to that list, but we will see.  I am planning on going this after noon to a friends house to pick pears to can.  That will mean another trip to the kitchen for canning the rest of my lima beans(this should be it) and then the pears.  Once the garden is wrapped up, it will be back to trying to sew some of the doll clothes I have cutout, but that is another post.  I did makesome granola for breakfast.  YUMMY!  Man that stuff is good.  I love granola anyway. 
Went to see the movie"Lawless" last night.  Good movie based on a true story about bootleggers in the 1920's.  Now I did watch the movie,but tell me I am not crazy in that instead of really watching the characters, I am looking behind them at the scenery, cabins, rooms in the cabins, kitchens, etc from the time period.  It was cool.  I did the same thing watching "Hatfields and McCoys" on the History channel.  I can't help it.  I love that kind of stuff.  Good movie though.  Want the granola recipe?  Okay, you twisted my arm...  I got this from the tightwad gazette in full disclosure.


5 cups of oats(I use 4 cups oats, 1/4 cup groundflax seed, 1/4 cup wheat germ, and 1/2 cup walnuts)
1/2 cup dry milk
1ts ground cinnamon
dash salt
3/4 cup brownsugar
1/3 cup oil( I use extravirgin olive oil)
1/3 cup honey(I use raw honey)

Pre heat oven to 375 degrees.  In a sauce pan, heat the oil, brown sugar, and honey on a med low heat.  While that is heating up, take your oats(etc), dry milk, cinnamon, and dash salt and mix thouroughly in a greased cookie sheet.  Take the "syrup"and pour over your grains.  Mix as well as you can with a spoon, then put the spoon down and use your hands to incorporate it well.  Once mixed well put it in the oven for 10 min.  Take out of the oven.  If you want to put raisens in it, you do that now. Bout halfa cup.  Stir it in thenjust let the granola sit til it is cool.  Then break up.  If you don't add the raisens, then just take the granola out andlet it sit.  Don't stir it.  Let cool then break up. 

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  1. Thanks for the Granola. Yum. I look forward to making it.