Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well Student loan down....

2 credit cards, a car payment and a mortgage left.  I have to say it's hard "naming each dollar".  We had a family meeting on payday and said "Okay, if you need anything now is the time to say so or it will have to wait until next payday".  So we made our list, which wasn't long, and named every dollar.  Now, with still 10 days to go until pay day we are noticing we have forgotten things.  We forgot to budget oil for an oil change for our van, my son and I need cheapo headphones for the Y,  as well as other various things.  All of these are little expenses, but they add up.   Sooo need to remember those for next meeting.  Can't get them now.  Grocery day is next week as well, and so it is getting to the "creative stage" of cooking.  You know when you are saying to yourself " I need to use up this, and this, and this...".  The benefits of that process are being able to defrost the freezer and clean out the fridge for grocery day.  Sure does make putting groceries away easier.  Used up 1 cup of applesauce in the fridge for a loaf of applesauce bread using my quick bread mix.  Makes for an easy use up.  You can see the recipe for the quick bread mix here.  Made two loaves of bread, and a batch of chocolate cookies.  Yea, I come by my figure honestly.  NO SILICONE HERE BABY!  lol.  Seriously, though, the cookies are dolled out sparingly.  I'm  not crazy!
Tonight's dinner will be ham and scalloped potatoes( from the garden), broccoli(from the garden), and maybe some peaches or pears.  I love cooking when it is rainy outside.  Snowy is my favorite.  Something so cozy about baking in the kitchen and watching the snow fall.  Making cocoa to drink when the kids come in from playing outside.(sigh).  The kids are older now so not so sure if I will be dealing much with wet clothes and such this winter.  Maybe I will.  I know I will be dealing with cocoa.  That goes without saying.  Okay, so signing off here.  You guys have a great day.

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