Friday, June 21, 2013

For those with restless legs. Something to think about

For three years I managed to go without any artificial sweeteners and still managed to lose a little weight.  Through the past year I have managed to maintain that loss without following any other plan but one of eating non processed, whole grain foods.  Now, don't get me wrong; I have partaken of pizza, ice cream, cakes, cookies, butter, sugar, whole milk, etc.  What I didn't eat was diet foods, low fat/fat free stuff.  I didn't get skinny.  I will never be skinny.  What I am is able to wear the clothes in my closet.  I am happy here. 
Anyway, I say all that to confess I fell off the wagon.  First I bought Crystal Light so the guys would have kool aid without using so much sugar(instead of them making Lemonade from lemon juice and sugar.  I know, I know, that's much better).  Then I bought 4  12 pk cases of diet drinks cause they were on sale and I thought one a day wouldn't hurt me.  Yea....."All the best laid plans of mice and men".  This all started a couple of months ago.  What also started a couple of months ago was my restless legs (and shoulder) getting worse.  It was getting to the point where I was only able to get about 3 hours sleep a night.  My old tricks to alleviate the symptoms didn't work.  Not wanting to go to the doctor to get a prescription (yet another chemical), I went online to see what others did to naturally deal with restless leg.  What I found shocked me.  I read a post where a lady said that diet drinks aggravated her restless leg.  Upon reading that I immediately stopped drinking diet drinks and instead drank just tea and water.  That was 4 days ago.  I have had 4 great nights of sleep, only getting up to go to the bathroom (all the water lol).  I come back to bed and am immediately asleep.  I can set my watch as to when I will get up.  After going to bed @ 10:30, I get up at 1:30, back to sleep, and up for the day @ 5:30.  That is my normal wake up time.  I am sold on the fact that the artificial sweeteners were contributing to my condition.  I am back on the band wagon and will not touch another sugar free anything.  If anything I am going to focus even more on what I eat to make sure I am giving my body what it needs to function.  Like I said before, I will never be skinny, but that doesn't mean I can't take care of myself.  If you drink diet drinks or sugar free products, and have this condition, think about dropping them.  You may be pleasantly surprised and the results.

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