Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer time on the Beckner Homestead (Pics)

So finally I have arrived at the time of year where my garden, and everything else is in full swing.  Should you ever walk outside in my back yard, the following is what will greet you...
( I should say up front "Thank you Babe!" cause DH fought with the digital camera to get these to down load.)

This is a "Sun Parasol".  I have been waiting all summer for it to finally bloom.  I would say worth it.

The blueberries are coming in.  I am up to 8 lbs so far.  That is a round up cause I have weighed 7.5 lbs andeaten at least another 1/2 lb while picking and or working out in the backyard.  I can feel those wonderful antioxidants coursing thru my veins.

This is the upper half of my garden.  I had to take it in two shots cause it wouldn't fit in the camera.  Here is the second half.  This includes my concrete raised beds.

The front bed is my herb bed and also holds my yellow squash plants as well.  Each opening in the cinder blocks holds either beets, marigolds, or lima beans (the beans are new additions).  The front right bed holds more lima beans and cucumbers as well as volunteer peanut plants.  The back left bed hold sweet potatoes (new), lima beans(new) and beets.  The back right bed holds marigolds, tomatoes, and volunteer peanut plants. 

No pic blog post would be complete without some shots of the ladies.  So now that I have shared these pics, lookie what I picked today.  This is what about 15 lbs of produce looks like

So that is that.  Thanks for lookin!

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