Thursday, February 13, 2014

How we fared in the latest snowmagedden.

We Georgians get a lot of teasing from folks up north who drive in snow all the time.  While I can take some good natured ribbing like the next guy, let me stand up for the south for a moment.  First of all, we folks in Georgia, while the last state with 4 distinct seasons (cause you know Florida has 2; spring and summer), rarely get snow.   We might have a flurry here or there, but not a lot in the snow realm.  Once every few years we will get a snow "event".  Which means we get accumulation and or ice( usually with ice involved.  Mainly with ice involved). It is even more rare to get nice fluffy snow that is easy to drive in.  We have no way of really knowing what we are gonna get, and enough of us have been in situations where we, or someone we love, has been caught in a slippery situation.  As a result, we tend to react as if the worst would happen.  Also because of the rarity of snow, we don't put snow tires on our cars in November and keep them on until the beginning of spring.  In fact we usually don't have snow tires, sleds, tire chains, snow blowers, and four wheel drives.  Don't get me wrong.  Some people in Georgia have these things, but they are not common place.  Georgia weather is very unpredictable.  We have prepared for ice storms of historical proportions only to get rain.  When I was a teenager I watched the bank clock fall from 72 degrees to 0 as I worked my shift at our local McDonalds.  We got so much snow that time we were out of school for a couple of weeks.  So  when you Yankees want to tease us about our reaction to snow, think of the old saying and "Take a walk in someone else's shoes".

So now that I have defended Georgians to the best of my ability, I will say situations like this past snow storm are reasons to keep a pantry on hand.  Instead of getting into the madness at the grocery stores this past Monday, I came home and made two loaves of bread, a batch of hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and cookies.  This was in case we lost power and I wouldn't be able to make my normal bread/baked goods.  I had one loaf left and wanted to make sure we had enough to make it thru should I not be able to bake.  Dh checked the Kerosene heater to make sure it would light.  I have 4 hurricane lamps and extra oil that I keep on hand.  The lamps stay filled for emergencies whether it is a power outage from a snow storm or from a thunder storm in the summer.  We have a propane grill we can cook on if needed.  I did a mental menu of what I had in the freezer that would thaw fairly quick in the event we lost power.  Using those items up was the basis for our menu plan for these past few days.  Now we were very fortunate in that we got lots of snow and less ice.  We maintained our power so we were definitely blessed.  However, we were ready for a power loss if that happened.   It is always better to have a plan before something happens so you aren't caught off guard when something happens and have to scurry.  As I have said before, keeping a pantry is just prudent.  It doesn't have to be an end of the world scenario.  It is helpful for just out of the norm occurrences.  I don't want to ever be that person interviewed at the store clearing off the last loaf of bread or eggs and having to pay whatever that price is because the cheaper stuff is gone.   Instead I got to bake, crochet, and stay snuggly warm with a throw, my family, and a cup of coffee.

So now that I have shared that stuff, let me share our snow!

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