Saturday, February 15, 2014

The greatest compliment I have ever received.

I have, for the most part, been "Over Weight" all my life; with the exception of my first few years.  Dieting was a large part of that life.  I went on my first diet at the age of 9. It didn't last long.  My mom was on Weight Watchers then and I guess I wanted to try it too.  It is, however, the time I was first aware of the fact that I was heavier than my peers.  Realizing you aren't the weight norm can sometimes be detrimental to ones self esteem, but in my case, it didn't slow me down much.  I will tell you why.  The greatest compliment I have ever received is the statement that I look just like my mom.  One of my favorite pictures of my mom is a black and white head shot taken from her school days.  I always thought she looked like a movie star such as Marlene Dietrich.  How could I not feel confident in my appearance with a comparison to a movie star! As a result I have grown to feel  that while I may be fat,  I'm a good looking fat woman(Smile). 

This is my mom:

What daughter wouldn't look at this picture and feel proud of the comparison?

Following closely on the heels of looking like my mom is the statement that I am just like my mom.  Never was meaning of that statement made more clear to me than when I saw this picture during the holidays.

My mom is the greatest combination of beauty/strength, and Grace/Power.  She would give a total stranger the shirt off her back, but mess with her family and she'll knock you into next week.  To be compared to her on any level is a great compliment.  So for those who have made that comparison, I give you a heart felt thank you.  You have done more for my self esteem than any pant size.

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  1. You are BOTH beautiful! And, I just LOVE that picture. I have always felt pressure because I am the smallest girl in my entire family (cousins included). I always have been. As I got older, everyone felt the need to "pull my head out of the clouds" and remind me that all of the women in my family started out small, then they had babies. So, now I have this complex. It's hard for me to put myself in someone's shoes like Marilyn Monroe, for example. She was more than just an icon. I just can't help but wonder how we went from viewing "childbearing hips" as sexy to, "Oh my gosh! Her thighs touch! Put her on a diet, STAT!". God is working on me in this area. So, thank you for sharing this!