Sunday, May 11, 2014

Call your Mother!

Grown and Raised or still on the apron strings, we kids have it good.  Let me tell ya!  Bless the Lord for inventing Moms cause they are awesome.  Who else can kiss a boo boo away, sing a lullaby in just the right tone to make you sleepy, make you eat your veggies, etc.  Some moms have to work outside the home; while some work all day in the home,  and still after a long day will be home fixing dinner, doing laundry, etc while still making time for their wee ones (who may not be wee anymore).  As we get older they are a phone call away and still can make the hurts better.  They are the Therapist, Nurse, Financial guru, cook, party planner, seamstress, maid, CEO of the home.  A fierce combination.  There are no paid days off.  Even vacations are working. It is hard work, exhausting work, but the impact you have on your children is everlasting.  To all moms, you affect more than you know.  To all children:


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