Saturday, May 3, 2014


Shhhh!  the babies are a sleepin. 

So here is the whole sordid story for those of you with nothing better to do than read my blog.  We collected 12 eggs over a 5 day time period to put in an incubator a friend (Jimmy) loaned us.  Things were going well, but being new to all this incubating things I was nervous and when I found the temp was lower than ideal I turned it up a little.  I mean little.  Barely move the darn thing.  I checked the temp once and it was fine.  I got busy outside doing chores and forgot to check it for a couple of hours.  Yea, came in and checked the temp and it was 120 degrees!  YIKES!  I really quick took the lid off to get the temp back down to 95.5, but pretty much felt the chicks were lost.  I am still beating myself up on that one.  The eggs are still in the incubator.  I am keeping a sharp eye on the temp now and it is staying at the 95.5.  I have probably lost them, but will give them a chance in the hope I might get one or two. 

So we started collecting eggs again.  First day was 2 eggs.  Then on day two DH went out to the coop to gather eggs and found they were clear on the other side of the coop out of our reach unless we detach the run.  Our little white hen

has been sitting on them.  This afternoon we took the first two eggs and added them back into the clutch.  I was afraid she would ignore them, but it was so cute to watch as she nudged the eggs all together and sat on them.  We have 6 right now under her.  I am sure they will hatch at different times.  Each egg that is laid she takes under her whether it is hers or not.  I am actually glad this is happening because I knew if the eggs hatched with a brooding hen, that hen would watch out for them and it might be easier keeping them as part of the flock.  I was not looking forward to introducing chicks to hens and a rooster that don't know them.  KWIM?    So alls well that ends well.  Now watch, I will have chicks in the incubator and under a hen.   That would be a blessing for the wallet one way or the other.

In the garden front, I was mistaken with my tomato plant tally.  I thought I had 71 plants.  Well I have had some volunteers in the garden.  My tally now is 90.  Yep...90.  Will I plant them all?  You betcha.  I also have 2 potatoes, 7 sunflower, and 8 squash type mystery volunteers.  I can't wait to take a picture of this years garden.  It is coming along.  I am hopeful in maybe two weeks to take and post a pic.   Blueberries and blackberries are happily growing as well as my herbs.  I still have more corn, lima beans, and okra to plant.  I will also succession plant more green beans, squash, and lima beans.  Make the most of my little garden. 

So anyone else got their garden off and running?

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