Sunday, February 8, 2015

A little taste of spring. Gotta love it!

It is a wonderful 64 degrees here in the sunny south.  I have been out playing in the yard.  This weekend I got to transplant 9 black berry and 4 blueberry bushes into their new home, dug out my herb bed, and secured my "green house".   The "Green house"is really a kinda put together hoop house made from clear vinyl and the PVC from the old chicken run.  I actually put this together about a week ago, but neglected to use a strong enough rope to secure it soooooo when the wind started really blowing the other day, it blew it right off my raised bed.  So this time I have put it all back and seriously secured it.  Before doing that,  I planted beets, lettuce, spinach, and english peas.  We will see how it works. The herb bed seems to be doing well.  Everything has survived the winter, except maybe the rosemary.  That is a wait and see.  The roots seem fine, but the branches are brittle. Dh donned his "grandpas in retirement" hat and tilled up a good sized section of the garden for planting later in the spring.  Apparently having the garden covered during the fall and winter, as well has incorporating the spent hay and manure from the chicken coops, has made the dirt like velvet. We probably could have dug it up with only a shovel.  Have to say though, this was much faster.

Working 40 hours this past week as well as the next is making it a time crunch to get things made at home.  I did get my bread machine on Tuesday and have used it three times.  Twice to make a loaf of bread, and once for pizza crust.  I have to say it has been a God send to have.  This morning was one of the mornings I used it to make bread, along with 2 batches of granola for the up coming week.  I'm trying to stay ahead and have things ready when everyone is getting going during the week for either class or work.  So far so good.  Ooops, that reminds me.  I have to get in the kitchen again to make cookies for lunches.  Like we need cookies.  Ummmm yes, yes we do.

On the truck front, we are thinking we are going to be holding on to it and saving up to fix it.  We looked at truck prices, and even used ones are really more than we want to spend.  We really need a truck.  A friend at church gave us the number of a guy who will go over your vehicle and let you know if it is worth fixing.  We are going to give  him a go.  If everything else about the truck is in good shape, I think we are going to take the plunge and replace the motor.  It's a gamble.  One I hope that pays off in the end.

So there are my latest news reports.  How is everything in your neck of the woods?

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