Saturday, February 14, 2015

Of love, family, men, and beans

So it's Valentines day morning and here I sit with my cup of coffee ready to impart some little snipit of info about our lives.  On the stove behind me bubbles 4 pans, each containing a different type of dried bean.  15 cups of dried beans in all which will make about 2-3 times that in bulk.  The plan is this; a very cold winter week is coming up, and so I want lots of soups.  I have my vegetarian son who will want some black bean burgers.  I also plan on taking soup to work each day for lunch, so a quick grab and go container will significantly cut down on lunch prep time.  On the list to make for today :  Chili, Taco soup, Spicy beef and beans soup, Vegetable soup, Hummus, and Black Bean Burgers.  The soups will be made with and without meat.   I also already have jambalaya in the crock pot for tonight's dinner.   I plan to make enough of everything so that I can have meals covered for most nights at home, as well as to take for lunch if someone wants to.  Probably just me.  I don't feel like this will be too arduous a task.  I mean it is soup after all.  Its not like I am standing and frying 3 whole chickens, 2 cookie sheets of biscuits, and all the trimmings for Sunday Dinner.  That was my mom.  Hmmmmm good times, Great Food!

But I digress.  I know this is not the eventful Valentines day society would have everyone believe is the norm.  Maybe I'm not normal.  It's a thought, but DH and I both feel like we don't need a day of the year to say "I love you".  I tell that to my husband, kids, parents, siblings, etc 365 days of the year.  I don't need chocolates, jewelry, or dinner out to know I am loved.  I know in little things my husband does like cranking the car up for me (uh back when we had two cars)so it would have a chance to defrost before I got in it, making the bed up, or making sure the car has gas, etc.  I know I am an easy date, but so is he.  It is the little things we both do for each other as well as our family that speak greater volumes than a dozen roses.  Don't get me wrong.  I love getting flowers, but they aren't the be all end all.  Plus DH and I share the same goal financially.  We want to get and stay out of debt.  As such we are both willing to forgo certain luxuries until that is accomplished.  You can better believe when we are out of debt there is already a trip planned for the two of us.  We are due for a trip to Ellijay again; or maybe another destination.  The fact is, our priorities are different now.  They may change in the future, but  for now our focus is being debt free.

So soups for today, and probably breads for tomorrow.

I do want to take this time to thank all of you who either follow or read this blog.  I know most of you are friends or relatives, but friend, relative or someone who just found my blog and stuck with me, I appreciate all of you.  I will also say to my Mom and Dad and the rest of my family, I love you all very much.

Happy Valentines Day!.

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