Sunday, March 29, 2015

How well we fared with this freeze

Well the verdict is in.  The freeze got my peach trees.  Nothing I could do about that.  It is a wait and see if the trees were far enough along in leafing out that they can still produce anything.  But I'm used to not getting peaches.  If nothing else I will strive to keep a spraying schedule to get whatever bugs them gone for next  year.

The blueberries seem okay for now.  We did cover them last night and they did look better than anything else.  I figure we lost some on the outside branches  or what was against the tarp covering them.  I do think we will have something this year though.

The herbs all fared well under a layer of pine straw.  A few leaves were affected; mainly any that were outside of the protection of the straw.

I lost my last Zucchini plant and one of the yellow squash plants.  The ones who survived were covered with a mason jar and pine straw.  The ones I lost, the wind had blown the pine straw off the jar that covered it leaving it exposed and less likely to hold in warmth.

So now that I have assessed the damage I am ready to move ahead with future gardening plans.  I will replant the squash I lost, and what I get fruit wise is in Gods hands.  My indoor seedlings are growing like crazy and in a couple of weeks they will be joining the rest of the garden crew outside.  Then the gardening will be in full swing.

Oh, our broody hen is sitting on four eggs. We have the lighted box all ready if she gets up, but in the mean time, we could have 4 little ones in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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