Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rambling....just Rambling

Normally lately, I have awakened myself to the pleasant thoughts of what I will be doing once I'm home full time, or a count down of days until that time comes.  It's a great way to start the day; a good motivator if you will.

This morning was different, probably because I'm off today, but different.  I awoke from a really good nights sleep and my first thought was "well there isn't much to do  in the garden".  As if to answer myself, that thought was followed by "well I do need to harvest that Mint....and I need to place that last structure....and pull the suckers off the rest of the tomatoes.....Oh yea, I need to dig up that cherry tomato plant for my friend at work....I also need to dig up that other volunteer tomato plant (Roma) and find a place for it (that will give me 140 in my garden!)....."

You get the drift.  Before long I had a list a mile long to do today and I was supposed to be baking today!

Lets face it.  This time of year I will find any excuse to be outside.  I'm sure if everything was caught up in the garden, I would have thought of something else to work on (like my flower beds).  I really can't blame insanity for this one.  Well I could but you wouldn't believe me.  I'm sure everyone feels the call of outdoors after a long or seemingly long winter and rainy spring.  So this time of year house work bores me.  I want to be outside!  I'm sure my mom and dad are getting a chuckle out of this statement because I used to agree to housework in order to get out of going to the garden.   And my mom will tell you the housework was more often than not less than stellar.  Now in my defense their garden was GINORMOUS!  So anyway, Baking day has been moved to tomorrow after church and today is a work outside as long as I can day.  I have to be at church tonight for a Praise Team practice so this works out better.

Now, so your whole reading of my blog today won't bea total loss, I will share with your something frugal I discovered this morning.  I'm sure I ama not the first person to try this,  but maybe the first in my small readership.  I ran out of dish washing soap, not the kind for the dishwasher, the hand wash type.  Anyway, dishes were mounting.  After a week of always having to be somewhere, and knowing I needed to be somewhere tonight, I was loath to get in the car again and break my going outside motivation.  What to do, what to do.  Enter liquid laundry soap.  The Aldi brand.  Why not?  Soap is soap right?  So, filling the sink with hot water, I added about the same amount of laundry soap as dish soap.  Well I can report the laundry soap work as good if not better!  No residue on the dishes.  They positively gleamed! In addition to that it smelled wonderful!  So grabbing an empty liquid soap bottle, I refilled it with the laundry soap and it is currently sitting on my sink ready for the next load of dishes.  This is great too because I'm out of grocery money until next week.  In addition, it is cheaper.  64 oz of laundry soap is $1.99 and 24 oz of dish soap is $1.89.  Savings and Get to stay on budget!  WOOHOO!

So what about you?  Any frugal discoveries on your homestead?

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