Saturday, May 23, 2015

Well Hello again!

Nothing earth shattering to share this go round.  Just a few updates.  I have some takers for a good many of my tomato plants.  This is in addition to the ones I dug up for folks in my previous post.  To the tune of another 86 plants.  I also added another 6 tomato plants to my garden bringing my total to 135.  I hope we like tomato sauce.  I moved 5 more volunteer mystery squash plants.  Watch I will end up with either 10 watermelon plants or 10 cucumber plants.  I can do some damage to the number of watermelons 10 plants will bring, but cucumbers?  O Boy we will be in a pickle!  (Groan)

I pulled up the struggling pepper plants and have planted more from seed.  I got out my trusty shovel, cause our tiller is on the fritz, and started turning the bed under.  I was thinking the soil was maybe compacted or something.  As I began to turn under the soil I was surprised to see how loamy and soft it was.  It wasn't dry or caked.  It was beautiful.  To my eyes I saw nothing wrong with it, but on a microscopic level there could be a problem.  Who knows.  So when these new pepper plants come up they will go in a new spot.  Until then, after turning under the bed, I planted speckled Lima beans.  I watered them in and covered the bed with pine straw.  We will see how they do.  I figure the bed could use the nitrogen boost the beans will give it.  Not to mention the fact that a volunteer pole bean plant is growing out from under the bed frame.  I have left it alone and it is huge and blooming.  Go figure.  So I figure the bed is alright for beans.

Not all of the corn I planted has made an appearance.  So I'm consolidating rows that did emerge.  I should have 5 rows when finished.  Once they are moved into place, I will replant the empty area with more corn seeds.  Then in the Words of The Knights who say Ni!

 "You must place it here beside this shrubbery (insert the word corn here), only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle".

As an aside, I am not responsible for those of you who haven't ever seen Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

So as I said, not much to report, but here tis.  I can't wait to post the final pic of this years garden.  In the mean time off I go to do more work in said garden.   Have a great day!

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