Friday, July 31, 2015

A Wrench in the Works

OMG she is posting during the week!  Alert the media!  Well what can I say, when the muse strikes I write.

Off from work today and so it will be a full day of stuff to do.  Making the most of this time.  No one has to be anywhere except Dh and that's good cause the little Honda had to go into the shop for today.  I have to give him (the little Honda) kudos cause he waited til we had the truck back, but little guy needed breaks and rotors on the front end.  Our mechanic is near here so I dropped the car off this morning and Dh brought me back before going to work.  Fortunately, if this had to happen, I'm glad it happened  now. We have three paychecks this month, we had money in the car fund, the truck is back, and no one needs to go anywhere today.  The final bill for this repair was only $203.00.  My original plan, cause you get driven to pay it off, was to muster every available cent, including the car fund, to pay it off.  I then would have paid the car fund back with the next check.  This won't happen now, but it will still be paid off on time.  Just not early.  Oh well "All the best laid plans" you know.  But it's all good.

My dtr and I were talking yesterday about budgeting and such.  I told her to make sure she budgeted for bad things to happen.  Dave Ramsey says if you budget for Murphy he will leave you alone and bother your neighbor.  So I am budgeting for Murphy.  I told her she should as well.  One of the best feelings in the world is to be able to not sweat the unexpected because you are ready for it.  No one knows when an unexpected event will know...cause...they're unexpected.  You can guarantee they will happen, so plan for it.

On the gardening front.  Let me tell you, there is such a sense of satisfaction in harvesting food from your back yard.  Not just satisfaction, but...dare I say it?....well, yes, outright defiance.  A shaking of your fist to "the man".  To know you can skip buying things at the grocery store and paying their prices because you took the time to grow it at home.  It's a great feeling to be sure.  Yesterday I went out to the garden and brought in corn, tomatoes (of course) and eggs from our chickens.  It's neat!  Really!  Now I can't be totally defiant cause there are still things I need at the store (shhh so don't tell them what I said.  Lol), but little by little I make more things at home and buy less things at the store.  That is awesome!

In addition to saving at the grocery store, I am proud to announce our power bill was $50 less this year than last year, and that is with this summer being hotter (way hotter) than last year.  My goal each month is to keep that power bill down even more.  Next month, when home, I will begin to hang clothes on the line again.  Love doing that anyway.  Makes me feel so Pioneery.

My ultimate goal is to make the income Dh brings in go farther.  Pinch that penny til he screams!  I can't wait for the ultimate frugal challenge to begin.  Me vs the bills.  Epic!  Epic!  I can confidently say I will win, the question is by how much!

So there you go.  What's going on with you?

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