Saturday, July 11, 2015

Apparently, we're having a yard sale

So in the spirit of all things organizational, my mom has been going through everything in her home to take to the trash, Good Will, or sell in a Yard Sale.  She is a woman on a mission.  Not to say shes determined or anything, but when she comes in the room my dad sits reeeeal still.

Anyway!  She is tentatively planning a yard sale in Oct.  As a result my sister and I are planning to join her.  I haven't officially started going thru closets and what not to take out yard sale items, but someone in my family has.  As a result I am going thru and organizing his stuff.  My wonderful youngest son Rubic.  He had a day off from work and got a wild hair to go thru everything in his room and anything he wasn't enthusiastic about was taken out.  Unfortunately this went into the Living Room.

 Before I began to nicely stack these items back into his room to await the yard sale day, I began to go thru everything putting like pieces together.  Yea.  I probably have 10 lbs of Lego pieces.  Good news for those is my sister has already purchased them.  Bad news for son is my service fee of 20% of what he makes in the  yard sale.  If I am doing the work Mama gonna get PAID!

Since I really don't have a lot of free time to go thru my own things, that will wait until September.  Then I will begin going thru closets and what not to gather items I want to turn into cash.  In the mean time I do a mental tally of what has served its purpose.  Those are usually items visible to the eye and so easy to decide what to do with them.

Many would ask why would I thrift store shop only to turn around and sell other items in a Yard sale.  My response would be the items I have found at the thrift store are replacing some of the items being sold.  Other items have served their purpose and I no longer need them.  I would rather have the space.  Same reasons for anyone else who has a yard sale except I didn't pay retail.  Yay me.

Other news on the home front;  The garden is coming along.  It's more manageable now that the beans are done for the moment.  I'll plant more in about a month.  In the mean time what seems to be coming in are tomatoes.  Tomato sauce is easy to make; Wash and cook tomatoes, run through a food mill, let the sauce cook down til thick as you like.  Voila!  I then freeze the sauce until I have enough for a full canner.  Right now I have 4 quarts ready to can and am making more today.  I'll probably have the 8 quarts needed for my canner by the end of the day, and a beginning on the new canner batch by the end of tomorrow.  I need an estimated 78 quarts for the year.  That's what uhhhhh bout six and a half canners?  After that I'll focus on things like Salsa, BBQ sauce, Chili, and Hot sauce in that order.  If I run out of tomatoes those items won't get made.  My greatest need is the sauce.  I can do what I can (no pun intended) and that's all I can do.    Black berries are coming in like crazy, but do seem to be tapering off for the season.  I have about 2+ gallons of black berries so far.  Plenty for jams and jellies this year.  The corn will be here soon and then of course what I plant in a month should continue my garden thru Oct; some things maybe longer.

I can't help but be counting down til my last day at my away from home job.  Seven weeks from Monday.  WOOHOO!  In my head I have organized and cleaned every inch of this house.  I can't wait til I can make it a reality as well as all the other things I want to accomplish.  We've paid the last credit card down by half these last three payments.  Three more payments over the next 5 weeks will pay it off.  I'm sittin on ready.   Each payday I anticipate making another payment and am constantly watching the account to see it post.  A thrill to be sure.  When the day comes that the card is paid off finally I will be beyond crazy happy.

I encourage anyone who has any debt to do what has to be done to be free from it as soon as possible.   Proverbs is right when it states that the "borrower is slave to the lender" (Proverbs 22:7).  Once free from debt you make your own decisions based on what is best for you and your family; not on what you owe.  Very freeing.

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