Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Gots Stuff

Forgive me,  but I'm just now this week beginning to unpack the suitcase from our trip to Tybee.  No dirty laundry mind you, and we have been pulling stuff from the suitcase all week to wear, but today is the official unpacking and putting away of said suitcase.  In the mean time this week I've accumulated more things to put away.  So today is not just a unpack the suitcase kind of day, but also a "find a place for everything" kind of day.

First off, I've become the peripheral beneficiary of my sisters gastric bypass surgery.  For now anyway.  My hope is once Sept comes and my schedule becomes less crazy, I'll be able to focus on getting healthier again.  My current job is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle;  too much stress, and too sedentary.  But until that time comes, she's given me all of her clothes that she won't be able to wear.  I'm set for winter and some of summer.  Yay me!  Everything from Pj's to sweaters, jackets, etc.

Then this past week my sister and my mom went thru some of my grandmothers boxes in my mom's basement.  Some stuff went to Good Will, some in the trash (papers.  My grandmother held onto everything), and some things handed down.  My sister and I spent part of our Thursday together going thru more boxes.  It was nice being able to see my grandmothers handwriting (on anything available to write on) making notes on some recipe or sewing pattern.  We took into our home things for Christmas, sewing items, linens, etc.  I was able to see her wedding dress.  It is a beautiful dress, dark blue velvet with butterfly buttons, though moth eaten now and not salvageable.  My sister is going to save the buttons though.  As we went thru the boxes, we each discussed what her thoughts were at that time, what she was planning,  We saw where my grandparents had gone to a China Exhibition at the High Museum in Atlanta.  She saved everything from that evening.  The two things we couldn't figure out;  a stack (and I do mean stack) of packaged jingle bells, and an entire box of Christmas center pieces.  We think maybe she was hosting a Christmas party?  Not sure.  All in all we had a great time Going thru everything.

So if that wasn't enough, and remember now I've spent no money, we went to our favorite thrift store, The Ric Rac.  You would think with all the stuff I already had accumulated, I wouldn't need anything.  Well you would be wrong!  Well, I didn't need it in the urgent sense, but it was on my list.  I found a couple of books for $1 each, a nice size shower caddy (which I did need) for $3, a 4 cup coffee maker for $4, an in the box new porcelain bathroom sink set ( soap dish, lotion dispenser, etc)for $3, and my greatest finds?  A recliner in great condition which matches my rooms for $30, and 2 solid wood Step Tables (mom told me what they are) for $5 each!  The tables are now night stands in our room.  Once I'm home, I plan to refinish them, but for now they're in good shape.  I've wanted a recliner for Dh man cave for a while, but can't afford new.  Problem solved.

So now I am finding a place for everything, as well as the gardening stuff.  I pulled up the last bean plants of this planting and have canned them up.  I got 50 pints of beans not counting the ones we ate fresh.  Not too shabby.  I'll plant another round middle of August.  I need another 50 at least.  Tomatoes and Blackberries are coming in, but they are easier to put up than beans.  Kinda nice having beans done for now.

So there  you go.  Not a barn burner, but there tis.  Hope you guys have a great day!

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