Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Power.....of Priorities

So update on our saving money.  So far so good.  If we hold true and don't falter, we will have money enough saved to replace the roof.   Yea.....about that.... See we are holding true, but it seems our focus is having to change.  I know reading this blog can sometime impose a fear of...WHIPLASH.  I don't mean to, but things change.  You gotta ride the roller coaster so to speak.  Hence the title to my post.

With the skylight removed now and that part of the roof repaired, (knock on wood) we don't have any other leaks currently in our roof.  What we do have is a rather large area of floor damage in the kitchen where the dishwasher used to be as well as a damaged ceiling panel needing to be repaired in the bathroom where the skylight used to be.  The ceiling panel is the least expensive of the "needs repair" list, and with no other leaks in the roof right now, the floor in the kitchen takes precedence.   It has to.  This is a structural thing rather than cosmetic, and, until we are actually having trouble with a leaking roof, we need to address this first.  So while we are still saving money, it's purpose has changed to repairing the floor. We are still going to have and contribute to a roof fund.  Let's face it, we will need to replace the roof one day soon, but for now that repair,I believe, is on hold.

In a different way, my priorities have changed in that I am motivated to make more little doll outfits.  This is due to the opening of my new little Etsy shop.  I need to stock it.  If you have noticed my
"Doll Clothes" page is gone.    If you want to see all the cute little outfits I've been creating (Well if I do say so myself. ) you can go to and search "TeaTimeDollClothes"  all one word to find my store.  Apparently my blog won't let me post a link here for some reason.  The creation of these little cuties has taken precedence  Lol.  Just deep cleaning.  Laundry, Dishes, baking, etc is still in the fore front.

Today, for instance, is a kitchen kind of day because I have an order to fill for bread as well as other odds and ends for us.  If I get caught up with that, as Cinderella to the ball, I will get a chance to work on some more doll clothes.

So there you go.  That's what's going on with us.  What about you?

I just had to put this in here cause I thought it was a good example of priorities, and a chuckle.

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