Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello again!

I know!  A whole two weeks have passed, but I have not been idle.  We have had some wacky weather here; massive amounts of rain, or warm weather, or extremely cold weather and that was in one week!  You know what they say about Georgia weather.  If you don't like it wait a second it will change.  In between the extremes I have been attempting to do a little gearing up for the upcoming gardening season.  It's right around the corner.

Our truck has been in the shop, fortunately with only an "under Warranty" repair and when out of the shop weather wasn't permitting outdoor activities.  Finally this past weekend we had both a truck and good weather.  So Dh and I hopped in our truck and headed on over to a friends house (only a mile away) to collect some concrete blocks.  You see they had an old house on their property which had been demolished.  As a result there were several salvageable blocks to glean.  We paid for these blocks in trade.  A rooster for concrete blocks.  The rooster was their dinner and the blocks will help us grow our dinner.   We collected enough to put two layers of block front to back in the truck bed.  Not too shabby.  Honestly I don't think the little truck could have handled another block.  We headed home, ate some  lunch and unloaded the blocks.  Unfortunately we got stuck in the mud in our back yard due to the recent large amounts of rainfall.  Fortunately for us these friends also have a 4 Wheel drive.  Thanks to them we were saved!  It's good to have neighbors!  They also regularly buy bread and granola from me and so as a thank you the rest of Feb is covered.  Since that time, I have used some of these blocks to do another raised bed, this time for my strawberries.  I still have enough to do at least one more raised bed.  I also thinned out and cut back my original blackberry patch, adding a new support because my makeshift one had collapsed.  I need to get out and prune my fruit trees.  I may do that this week.  Sadly though one of my peach trees is dying.  We need to cut it down.  I would like to see if I can save the other one, but we will see.  Right now it's fine.  I'm happy to say my blueberry babies from last year and another one I had potted have survived being moved,  They're still too small to bear much fruit, but they'll get there.

On the home front, the handyman coming to repair our floor and ceiling will be here Thursday;  I CAN"T WAIT!  Just like I said before, this repair will be paid for and we will continue to save for the roof replacement.  So far so good.  We have opted to keep the opening for the dishwasher in case we ever sell the house, but I am in no need of another dishwasher for myself.  Instead, I will make a little curtain and will use it for my bulk food storage (wheat berries, sugar, flour, etc).  This will be a treat because right now those items are stored in my bedroom walk in closet.  When I am needing to make bread, or grind flour, I have to go to my room and lug these heavy buckets into the kitchen.  This will have them readily available.

Pretty proud of myself right now.  I will tell you why.  A few weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet and started rearranging/reorganizing rooms in the house.  I first started with the Gym/Man cave.  In order for my husband to see the TV while using the treadmill, we had to have it on top of an entertainment center.  Cheapo entertainment centers are not created to have a heavy object on top, but rather in the middle.  A a result the top of the center began to sag.  Plus in order for those working out to hear the TV is had to be crazy loud.

Above is the layout, but this picture was taken prior to the addition of the entertainment center so you can't see the sagginess.

This is the new layout.  I like this much much better.

 I managed to completely rearrange the room so that the TV was right next to the treadmill and I was able to totally disassemble the entertainment center.  I love it!

Then the next day, since I needed to flip the mattress anyway, I began to rearrange the master bedroom.  Our master bedroom has very few options when it comes to arrangement, but I managed to make it work.

I love the fact the fist thing I see in the morning is the view outside my window.  Not too impressive in the winter, but come spring and summer it will be a joy.The one thing I've always wanted was some kind of storage (trunk, shelf) at the foot of the bed,  but I've never allowed myself the purchase because other things take precedence.  Well I didn't allow it this time either.  Instead I took the now disassembled entertainment center and created my own end of the bed storage.

 It makes a great area for storing my boxes of newly created doll clothes as well as some extra baskets I use for storage.

Speaking of doll clothes, I was happy to see I had sold my first item on ETSY!  These cute little diapers

So there you have it.  All my little goings on here on our little homestead.   I am in the process of re vamping my blog here.  I'm currently looking into other topics of interest to you guys and so in the future you might see some different things here.  I hope this post finds you all well.  So what cool things are you up to?

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