Monday, May 9, 2016

The Corn is UP the Gravel is DOWN

I know, sounds like a Sesame Street skit, but in my case it's true.  We had a few really good days of long steady rain and it was no time at all the corn was poking its little head out of the ground.  They're the babies of my garden nursery.

The toddlers, as it were, must have grown 2-3 inches over night.  Gardens like water, but they loooooooove rain water...and thunder and lightening; not so much hail though.  I'm thankful I had the presence of mind to leave out buckets to catch the rain water run off.  I now have four 5 gallon buckets, and two large plastic trash cans (the 55 gallon deals) full of rain water.  They're covered for now to keep mosquitoes out, but come Tuesday or Wednesday the water will be utilized for watering the garden between rains.  This saves on my water bill (Yay) and allows me to give them the kind of water they prefer.

As for the gravel, that's a project DH and I have been working on.  For the many years we've lived here, we've always had to turn around in the front yard off of the drive way.  Our drive way has enough room for two cars to park but not turn around, or one car to park and turn around.   This year we've received large amounts of rain, and when we do, that turn around becomes a potential snag for tires.  Since the grass in that unofficial turn around area was threadbare at best, we opted to kill it all off and put down gravel.  In order to avoid a delivery fee, we picked up three scoops of gravel with our little truck.  That took three trips to the store.  Not bad trips as the store is only 2 miles away; still it took time to unload each scoop.   Yesterday I went by the store to see how much the delivery fee would be for 4 more scoops.  We frequent that store often and they know us pretty well.  The manager said he wouldn't charge us a fee to go that short a distance.  So I bought 4 more scoops to finish out the turn around.  I should have asked him that from the get go.  Would have saved us time and a little gas.  Oh well, you live and learn.  Looking at the finished project I must say I am thrilled with how it turned out.

This will probably be our "big" undertaking for the summer; at least for now.  I still need to pressure wash the house but that won't use much money.  Just gas and water for the washer.  Feels good though to have something else checked off the list.

Well that's it for here.  What's going on with you?

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