Thursday, February 7, 2013

Substitute for dishwashing liguid

Trying something new.  I have tried Dawn dishwashing liquid, as well as all the other name brand and generic brand dishwashing liquids.  I get frustrated with all of them in the fact that within minutes I am looking at dingy water, no bubbles, etc.  Now I know the soap can clean without the bubbles, but if bubble sustainability isn't necessary, why pay the crazy price for Dawn?  For that matter, I say to myself (and now you), why pay for dishwashing liquid at all?  Even the Aldi brand is now $1.89 a bottle.  You have to use so much per batch of dishes.There has to be a way to save a bit.  You know me, every dime saved is important.  Pinch that penny till it screams.  So enter....

I have a few of these in my cabinet because I was using them to make laundry soap.  Not happy with the laundry soap.  I think I have really hard water (probably why I don't get all the nice bubbles), but it works for some. Anyway, I ran out of dishwashing liquid a couple of days ago, and rather than jump into the car and make a trip into town to get more, I thought I would try this.  This is emormous soap bar (14 oz) and it costs about $1.   I begin by putting the whole bar in the sink and let it stay there as the sink fills with hot water.   I let it stay there a little longer after I get the sink full, but after a couple of minutes I take it out and rest it on the back of the sink.  I have to say I am very happy with the results, and it doesn't seem to be using too much of the bar at once.    It does a great job loosening stuck on foods and all the bells and whistles one looks for in a soap for their dish washing.  Sound like a commercial yet?   Now in full disclosure here I will say it does leave soap residue on the side of my sink, but I just wipe around the sink as the water drains out and its good.  No worries.  So should you feel the need to go CAAARAZY with some dishwashing, give it a try. 

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