Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow! It has been a bit since I posted last. Sorry

Last week was kinda crazy and to be honest I didn't feel too well.  Feeling a lot better this week.  I was working longer hours last week do to some staff shortages.  Nice in the fact that I get a bit more in my paycheck, but would prefer the short hours.  Maybe that is why I feel better this week.  Things went back to normal.

I am having a hard time not being able to get out and do anything in my garden.  Grrrrr.  I did get my fruit trees sprayed a second time, then the rain came in earlier than I intended.  Again Grrrr.  I am dying to get my hands in that dirt and get my garden going again.  It looks at me so sad, beconing me to come outside and play, but weather keeps me at bay.  I can't complain too loudly though.  At least we aren't in a drought anymore.  So I come home from work and do some house cleaning.  I would like to say I came up with some wonderful frugal nugget no one knew about, but can't say that was the case this week.  I can share things I did that were frugal in nature.
1)  Made bread to barter in trade for 4 dz free range organic eggs.
2)  Made a loaf of bread in trade for a jar of sour wood raw honey.
3)  Used up items I had in the fridge that needed to be used and repurposed them for other meals. ex:  made veggie soup from odds and ends of veggies I saved in the freezer until such time as I had enough to make soup.  I made french toast from stale bread, or made cinnamin toast from bread ends.
4) Fianlly did my taxes and because I counted sales tax in my deductions, we were able to have more than the standard deduction and so paid less in taxes than we previously thought.  Yay! Needless to say, now that we know that we are saving every receipt.  I aint playin. 
5)   Combined trips when possible to save on gas. 
6)  I organized my kitchen drawers to  make everything easier to find/reach.  I was able to do this cause Dh organized atop shelf in his Baseball/Football card cabinet and was able to take all the electronic cords that had accumulated in one of the kitchen drawers.  Now that stuff is in the  man cave and I can have the extra drawer in the kitchen.

Now I am about to go clean up the kitchen from lunch and makeup some goodies to have in the house.  While those are baking I can scurry around cleaning and straightening.  It's how I roll.  So I am off in order to release you from possibly the most boring post ever.  LOL.  Once I can get outside and do more than the house type stuff, I will have more to share.  Bear with me as we muddle thru the winter weather together.  Have a great day!

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