Saturday, March 2, 2013

Organizing my pantry/freezer

So yesterday I decided it was time to defrost my freezer.  It always amazes me when I defrost my freezer because I always find something I forgot I had.  That is why you do it often.  I would say I defrost my freezer about every other month.  Usually right before grocery getting day.  I have gone backand forth over the years wondering if I am really being more cost effective having a second freezer. I always wonder if I should do away with it and use the space as another part of pantry(instead of my bedroom closet). After I defrosted the freezer and as I put everything away, I noticed I had 1/2 of the freezer empty.  Plenty of meat, and veggies, but still 1/2 empty.  A freezer is more cost effective if it is full.  It doesn't have to run as much.  Problem was I would get it full on grocery day with milk etc, but as the month progresses, it would get emptier and therefore not run as efficiently.  So I thought; I will make my freezer do double duty.  I will have the best of both worlds!  Things like flour, oats, chocolate chips, grits, baking soda, peanuts, and raisens, which I store in large amounts, and which enjoy the benefits of being kept in a freezer, are now occupying the other half of my freezer.  These items take longer to use and therefore will keep the freezer fuller for longer, and running more efficiently.  They will also protect these dry goods from going stale or (heaven forbid) and critter taking up residence.  As a result of my redo of the freezer/pantry, I was able to then organize my bedroom closet.  While some of my home canned items, as well as my wheat berries are still in my closet; at least it now looks more like a bedroom closet and not a pantry.  Now we can walk in there and easily pick out what to wear for the day.  Yay! 

I still have other things to organize in the house.  I have these fits often enough to where my Dh says he wouldn't know what to do without me; mainly cause he wouldn't be able to find anything.  Lol. 

Today Dh and I are off to search for full size beds for our now too big for twin beds(and have been for a while)sons.  Maybe we will stop at some thrift stores on the way......I need to do some sweet talkin cause I want to go to thrift stores today. 

So how is your day going or what are your plans?

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