Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today is supposed to have highs in the 70's and my guys and I are going out yard saling.  Where are we going?   I have no idea.  What will I get?  That is the mystery.  I do have things on my list that I want to look for, so I am organized to that extent.  There are two sales I know of, but you can't factor in the un advertized sale.  We catch those on the way.  What works best for us is to just go out and see what's up.  On a pretty day like this the drive is nice.  We only go so far afield though.  This is my first yard saling day in over five years.  I have missed it a lot.  Yard saling is so much fun!  Things I am looking for today:  always mason jars and/or canning stuff, Baby stuff for soon to be here grandson, I need summer clothes and so do the guys, and I also need dishes.  The young guns are looking to find video games on their list or items for their room.  Hmmm, I wouldn't mind finding full size bedding for their new beds.  Ooooo  Fabric and  or king size flat sheets I can use as fabric.  As you can see the list goes on and on. 

This little tid bit is totally off the yard sale subject, but I wanted to share this also.  Yesterday was grocery gettin day.  I by very little junk food; mainly chips to go with lunches.  I noticed yesterday @ Aldi that even their regular chips have gone up.  However, thier "Doritoes, Fritos, and Cheetoes" still remain the same price.  I had been buying a mixture of their brand of baked chips (selection limited) and the "Fritos and Cheetos".  With other prices going up, I started looking at the lable to see how much bang for my buck I was getting by buying the baked(buying these for diet reasons).  Needless to say my eyes were opened.  Here's what I found:  They have two kinds of "Doritoes", the cool ranch and nacho cheese.  The bag is $1.19.  The Baked chips, which only have regular and barbque,are $1.79.  I have been telling myself it was worth the other .60 a bag to save on calories right?  Guess what?  There are only 10 calories difference per serving.  TEN CALORIES!  Uh yea, I bought the Doritoes.  The Fritoes are .99 and there is only a 40 calories difference.  The Cheetoes are also .99a bag and there is only a 20 calorie differnce.  No more baked chips for me.  I can use that .60 a bag some where else.  I usually by about 8 bags so that is a pretty significant savings for me. 

Oh and here is my buyer beware tip.  Yesterday I was at my local Kroger and was looking for meat markdowns amoung the organic free range chicken.  ASIDE:  I live in the poultry capital of the world, so it is a regular occurance to get behind a truck filled withh chickens on their way to the processing plant.  I guess it is my old age, but I can't bring myself to buy regular chicken anymore.  One too many trucks I guess.   You have to see it to understand what I am talking about.  Yea....anyway, I did find some free range chicken marked down(Yay), but as I was looking I noticed the "Simple Truth"(shamless play on the name of their all natural/organic line.) Some packages were marked "Free range"or Organic, and I can understand pricing them higher if the market will bear it.  That being said, mixed in with and still labled "Simple Truth" was chicken only labled "all natural".  Well DUH!  What else would chicken be but natural.  What is it, not chicken?  It was twice the price of the regular type chicken, so buyer beware and read your lables.  My plan for the summer is to hopefully find a local producer of free range chicken in order to save a little (hope).  I will still by the regular type pork,beef,etc, but chicken, it is hard to do so.   I know crazy right?  Hey on my income I have to pick my battles. 
Okay guys I am off to get dressed for my yard saling day.  I hope everyone has a great day as well.  If you can spend some time in the sun.

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