Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

I would love to say it has been a frugal week, but in the dollars and cents area, not so much.  I have done some frugalish things to mitigate the disaster, but it is a drop in the bucket.  Oh to be the type of person that can wire a house, fix a stove, and debugged a really bugged computer.  Then I could wow you all with the frugalness of my ways.  Alas that is not the case and the dollars started stacking. 

SO WHAT HAPPENED!  I hear you all shout to me from cyber space (I know you aren't really, but it makes for a good read wouldn't you say?)

Well for the past few months we have been dealing with our computer being crazy.  We had an automatic update  from Microsoft a couple of months ago, and while I am not saying Microsoft was at fault, it seems about the same time as the update, malware was downloaded to our computer in the form of System Optimizer Pro.  It is nothing but an advertisement to clean up malware (ironically), but instead it bogged down our whole computer.  We tried everything we could to get rid of it, but it kept getting worse.  We planned on taking it somewhere to get fixed/cleaned up.  Now the battery is gone.  In order to use the thing it has to remain plugged in.  Since we were planning on getting a second laptop or tablet after Thanksgiving, we went ahead and ordered another one.  That was Monday.  It did not add to our debt and was simply a move up of an already planned purchase.  We still plan on repairing the laptop if cost effective to do so.  That way DH can have his football on TV and laptop on Sunday and I have a laptop as well. 

Tuesday morning my stove went up in a puff of smoke, taking with it, apparently, the power cord and the outlet.  This stove has been the bane of my existence since we bought it 4 years ago.  This stove was supposed to be a place holder until I could get something better  Then life happened and it stayed.  I have dealt with a possessed stove for years now.  The right front burner will, without warning, go from med low to high and the only way to stop it is to turn it off and wait a few minutes.  It is so badly insulated, that I can keep items warm on top of the stove while baking in the oven.  I mean really warm.  Simmer is a non existent temperature.  The list of Grrrrr things is long so needless to say I was not sad to see the stove bite the dust.  I tried to find a used one, but my mom pointed out that with as much cooking I do, investing in a new well made stove would be wiser than obtaining someone else's headache.  Wise words.  So Tuesday I also ordered a stove.  It will not add to our debt, but only with some maneuvering.  Problem now is, we ordered the stove not knowing the cord and outlet were dead.  Enter a new cord (which we bought and installed) and an electrician for the outlet to the tune of $95 a hour plus parts.  Yay! 

In addition to all of this, Hubby can't find his glasses.  We have torn the house, car, and work up looking for them.  Murphy's law says they will show up after we have ordered another pair.  DH was due for an eye exam and a update to his prescription anyway.  Another blessing is we contribute to a Health Savings account and the money for the glasses will come from there. 

Now in all this "un frugalness", I have managed to do some things frugal.  I used Ebates website to buy my stove at Sears.  I shopped around the stores in my area.  I found the stove I wanted at the Sears store.  Went home and found the exact same stove for the same price as the brick and mortar store but with free shipping.  I went thru Ebates to get 6% back from my purchase and so will get a check for $24 and some change.  I also managed to cook a whole dinner as well as bake biscuits for breakfast this morning on our grill.  Once my stove is back, I will be back to making Granola and Bread for us and I have a long list of items to make to sell.  These are due around Monday.  Pretty much all I make will go back into the savings account for Christmas. 

So now you have it, my drama for the week.  I guess it is time to go watch for the electrician.  You guys have a great day!

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