Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well I can do it.

Today was to be butchering day on the homestead for our resident roosters.  However,  once my friend Jimmy and I had butchered the first two we noticed they were kinda puny.  This surprised me since they are 20 weeks.  Unlike commercial chicken growers, ours haven't been plumped up with designer feed, hormones and such.  Not to mention they have plenty of moving around room, so don't get fat as quick.  That being said, we are waiting at least a few more weeks for the rest.  I do know now I can do it despite many people guessing I wouldn't go thru with it.  Not to say I am cold hearted.  I'm not.  It wasn't easy to do.  Had they all been hens, they would have had a place somewhere.  I will not sell a single rooster.  Not in my area.  My  choices were either sell and hope they were not going to use him for fighting ( not chancing that), keep him and feed him forever til he dies of old age (not), or butcher him.  We went into this knowing there would come a time when we would have to take the responsibility of butchering one or more roosters.  I also take the responsibility for one day having to butcher hens no longer producing.  I didn't go into this to begin a chicken retirement home.  These animals provide a service in either eggs or meat.  One way or the other they provide for my table.  In exchange I provide shelter, food, and care for them while they bless us on earth.  Ideally I would buy my chicken at the store ignorant as to where my meat comes from.  Many people do that very thing.  I guess I have been behind one to many chicken trucks.  At least my birds get fresh air, grass, bugs, and good things to eat.  Not to mention way more room to move around.  SO now I know it can be done.  Thanks Jimmy for your help, instruction, and friendship.. 

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