Friday, November 7, 2014

What to say about Rubic...hmmm

Yesterday we celebrated the 19th birthday of our son, Rubic.  Although he has surpassed me in height by almost a foot, he will always be my baby.  I'm sure he hates that.  There are moments when I see this man before me as he was at five.  Usually those are moments where he is in a vulnerable situation such as illness, or upset about something.  For the most part, he has grown into a confident (sometimes a little too)man.  I enjoy watching this young man full of dreams.  Wanting to be a lot of things at once, travel, etc. basically take the world by storm.  And he is fully capable of doing it if he sets his mind to it.  (Sigh) ahh to be young again.   I remember my dreams.  Some have been fulfilled, and some have been replaced by dreams much better than anything I could think of.  But I digress......

Rubic is my go to guy for all things technical.  While he will be the first to tell you (and he has me) that he doesn't know everything about computers, he knows more than his parents do for sure.   He is also the encyclopedia of all this video, graphic novel, and movie.  He and I kind of have an understanding.  He will drone on about a video game character and my eyes glaze over; much like his do when I talk politics.  We understand these things about each other, but it doesn't stop him from telling me about his interests anymore than it stops me from sharing mine.  We tease him about being our resident liberal.  Though not active in politics....yet,  he is really more libertarian.  We do have some lively debates about many different topics.  He definitely keeps me honest and thoughtful.  I would hope his dad and I impart something to him as well.

Rubic is a ready smile, quick wit, and a hug when I need it.  He is ever curious, learning, growing.  He has so much to look forward to in his future.  As he matures, I know there are aspects of his personality that will be tempered some.  While I know that for a certain because it happens to us all as we grow and learn, there is a light of mischief in his eyes that I hope never goes away. 

So Happy Birthday to my youngest and tallest child.  I love you Rubic and am so proud of you.  One more year and I will no longer be able to say I am the mother of a teenager.  Maybe I can start saying I am the mother to tweenagers.  Hmmmmm  that's a thought.

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