Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I know, seriously sound like I am on a swing set, but no, I am just excited.  Why do you ask?   Well let me tell ya!  We are now the owners of two, count'em two laptops!  I just don't know what to do with myself.  We have never had two pieces of technology at a time.  I mean seriously we still own a VCR.  We don't use it much, but it works and we have movies on VHS to play when the urge hits(not often).  We have a DVD player and hubby just bought a refurbished PS3 about the time the PS4 is coming out.  That's it, but now we have two lap tops.  Wow, two.  Amazing. 

So what happened?

Well I took our broken laptop down to my Mom and Dads for our Thanksgiving get together.  My dad worked on it forever. getting rid of viruses, etc.  It started to feel somewhat better.  We could at least operate it.  Still it was bogged down.  Then my nephew showed up.  My Dad grabbed him and he went to look at it.  Before dinner (Thank you very much Nephew).  I asked my nephew if he was my defender.  His response was that this wasn't defending it was more like the flailing around right before you die.  You see I had gotten a really nasty virus that even deleted, would just pop up somewhere else, under another program.  In addition to that it was inviting other friends over to play.  My poor computer was using every ounce of strength it had to just come on.  The battery was draining and we thought it was bad.  Since repaired the battery holds its charge fine.  I felt bad because all of the work my Dad did ended up being wasted because my nephew had to restore the computer back to factory settings.  It wiped everything. but also the virus.  He then reformated it for me.  Now this computer runs like new.  I am typing this post on my previously hospitalized computer.  And guys, it is true that more than likely the virus came thru on a Microsoft update.  Don't let your computer automatically update.  And be careful what you download.  We thought we were being careful and had done everything right.  Nope.  You can't be too careful. 

 So we have two "new" computers.  I had to go thru and change all of my passwords on just about every webpage.  I strengthend them as well.  I should have done that before.  I had on some pages, but now it is on every page.  I want to say a heart felt "Thank you" to both my Dad and my Nephew.  In exchange for his help, my nephew charged me 1lb of toffee, 1 chicken once butchered etc, and I have to say " he is awesome".  Easy payment plan I must say.  He is Awesome! A little more pricey than Daddy.  Daddy just wants hugs.  I got plenty of them.....especially for my Dad.

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