Saturday, December 6, 2014

Today the Perfect day

Well aside from the rain, but in reality it gives the day a homey, cozy feel.  Wednesday was a day off so I spent it cleaning like a crazy person.  No one else was here and so there were no interruptions.  I was able to finish my Christmas Decorations and get things caught up.  Upkeep for the past two days has been relatively simple and my oldest son took care of that yesterday.  This morning the men of the house joined in finishing up the rest of the house management.  While I could have forced the issue, I was overjoyed to see it happen with nary a complaint and they did a great job.  I finished up the ironing and baked a cake.  It is a wonderful feeling to be caught up, but the best part was the great attitude.  Once done with the ironing it was a long phone conversation with my mom while the guys did their own thing.  After the phone call I literally looked around for something needing to be done, but to no avail.  What I did notice was the peace.  The smell of chocolate from the cake and Hazelnut from a candle in my sons room permeated the house.  The lights of both trees sparkled brightly dispelling the gloominess of the cloudy day.  I couldn't help but turn on Christmas music and just savor this time in life.

We are, I am blessed beyond measure.   While I may not have all I want, I have all I need.  Time is so fleeting.  My boys are grown men now.  Living here while finishing up their education, the time will come when they will move on to start their own lives.  My daughter has preceded them by a few years and has added to my life another son in my son in law and two grandsons..  She has her own life and traditions and that is the way of things.  I couldn't be more proud of my children.  Each is different and adds another dimension to  my life.  Each day with my children, my family, my parents, my husband, is precious.  Once missed it can't be regained.  It is a gift.  So I will savor this moment in time.  There will come a day when DH and I will look back and remember when, but for now; I have today.  And it's perfect.

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