Monday, August 17, 2015

The Big Reveal!

Okay, so real cool for me anyway cause I am hopeful this is helpful for my readers.  I've had readers in the past comment how hard it is to search for a recipe or other topic and so I hope this helps.

Notice just above the title of this post and you will see tabs for pages.  Each page contains helpful info from previous blog posts.  All, I believe, of the recipes I have posted over the years are now under the "Recipes" tab to make finding them easy.  Within that page I have divided the recipes by category.  Any posts I have done in the past of the tutorial nature are under "How To's" and the Country Store will contain all my Country store items for sale (sooner rather than later).  For now that last page is still under construction.  I'll be preparing the "Stock" once I'm home for good.  Really all of the pages are a work in progress because I will be adding to them as needed.

I really do hope this is something you guys will find positive.  Any feed back is appreciated whether is a comments about existing pages or ideas for new pages (cause that will be forth coming)


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