Saturday, August 8, 2015

Updates from The Ole Homestead

Yea, no lofty little tidbits of frugality to share.  This is just a post about the goings on in our little corner of the world.  Which reminds me of a joke:

God once told men he would place good obedient women in all four corners of the world.  Then He made the world round and laughed and laughed.

But anyway, I digress.

This past week I finally managed to can 24.5 cans of tomato sauce.  I also tried an experimental blackberry butter recipe.  It's pretty good, but the next go round I'll use 6 cups of sugar instead of 4.  Once I get this down, I'll share my findings and my recipe.  I still have about 1 gallon of blackberries left in the freezer so this will be soon I promise.

One of the temptations I have in the summer with the heat, canning, gardening, and this summer working full time; is eating out.  Not anything expensive mind you; Subway or Little Caesars. I am happy to say that while I have had a few lapses, I have managed to get dinner on the table instead.  Now dinner may be grilled cheese or waffles, but everyone has eaten.  Not my healthiest offerings, but definitely my cheapest.  Once I have more time, dinner will be less hit or miss and better for us. I did have one exception and that was today as the family went out and about thrift store shopping.  As a part of our excursion we stopped for an ice cream.  Aside from that we bought pizza and baked it at home for dinner tonight.

Our morning was spent finishing a remake of the old PVC coop using the PVC and poultry netting we had on hand.  The only expense was a bag of zip ties for putting everything together.  Yes we've separated the coops again and each one has its own run again.  With the addition of 4 new birds, our flock is now 11 and so the previous set up was getting more cramped by the day as the babies grew.

So there's the update in our neck of the woods.  Not anything great and lofty, but its all I have for now.

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