Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Big Wrap up

I can't believe it's finally here.  My last day at my away from home job is Monday.  I had my exit interview today.  Cleaned out my desk yesterday to make room for my replacement, and now am getting ready for the last hurrah on Monday.

When I tell you I work with some of the most precious people around, you can believe it.  From the office staff, nurses, aids, social workers, chaplains, massage therapists, musicians, bereavement counselors, and volunteers; all of these people devote their heart, time, and energy to each and every patient and family member.  I've watched them in amazement as they hold the hand of parents brave enough to carry their child to term and bring it into the world, knowing their child won't survive.  Parents saying good bye to a child young or old.  Children saying good by to their parent all too soon.  And through it all this hospice staff carries them through.  They are under staffed, over worked, and stressed, but carry on none the less because they are called.  Called to serve in a way many can't and/ or won't do.  I am honored to have worked with them and am proud to call each of them "friend".  The Bible says " a man makes his plans, but God guides his foot steps".  Each of us is placed where God wants us in every time in our life.  Sometimes it's to serve, and other times its to learn.  I pray I served God and others well during this time in my life, but I know for a fact I have learned from this experience.  I will miss them greatly.

Now I face another adventure.  I'm nervous.  Very.  Oh but so excited.  The challenge is put before me.  Not just to be frugal.  I'm not called to do that alone.  It's a part of who I am, but I'm still called to touch others in Jesus name.  To do so, my walk with Him must get closer.  I pray it will.  It will.  My youngest two children will be leaving to go on their own way soon and I don't want to miss the few years with them I have left.  They grow up all to soon.  What am I saying, they're already grown, but they're still home while they go to school, and until they go off on their own. I want to savor this time.  Another thing I've learned these past few years in Hospice is that no one is promised tomorrow.  I want to cherish everyday I have with my family.  So I'm excited.  Excited to start this new chapter.  This choice isn't for everyone, but it's mine and I relish what lies in store.

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