Saturday, October 1, 2016

Major overhaul before winter

So....sore...  I haven't worked like that in a long time.  Today we changed out the sand in the runs and coops, and moved the little coop in place so that both coops are at either end of the big wooden run.  As we moved the old sand, we would lug the full buckets of spent sand into the raised beds to be turned in later (probably tomorrow).  After removing the old sand it was time to shovel the new sand out of the truck and in to the new bed area.  We just finished up about an hour ago.  I now have had a shower and rested for a bit and can say I am really sore!  Every muscle in my back and shoulders hurts as well as my hands.  This is back breaking work, but very satisfying now that it's done.

After the sand was in place, we moved the little coop to attach to the big run.  We put the divider back up inside the run, giving one half to Garris and his ladies and the other half to the "babies".  It got rather comical while Dh was in the run putting the divider up.  The "babies" were in the run while he was working.  The white one kept pulling on his t shirt.  She wasn't hurting him.  He seemed to be more of a curiosity.  He picked her up and started petting her crooning "I'm gonna lover her and feed her and call her George!".  Then he let go of her and she just sat there looking around and hanging out in his lap.  Meanwhile the two black hens came up and started pulling on his t shirt.  It was funny...Guess you just have to be there.

So now we have everybody cleaned out and spruced up. Ready for winter time.  We will repeat this fun in about 6 months.  Everyone is watered and fed and eggs are collected for the day.  Good.  I'm ready to call it a day.  The rest of my day I think I will sew, but not doll clothes.  I need some sweat pants for winter time.  Right now I have shorts or jeans, but nothing to wear just around.  DH wants some sweat pants too.  I think I have some fabric that will work and so I plan to do that tonight while he's at a show with our oldest son.  Well I will sew and go pick up our youngest after he gets off work.

On a cute side note, I thought I would post a somewhat appropriate pic for your viewing pleasure.  Have a great weekend!

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