Friday, October 14, 2016

Well I need to get to gettin!

It's a wee bit earlier here on the frugal maven homestead.  We rise early during the week for DH to get ready for work.  While he was on the treadmill (I know.  He's weird that way) I was planning my day.  It dawned on me just how much I still need to accomplish before it gets too cold outside.  The list is longer than I originally thought.  I have been distracted by the lure of cute baby doll clothes.  Here are the tasks still left for me to do:

1.  Cut down some large weed trees.  Yes I said trees.  There are many, but two of them are growing around my blueberry bushes.  These are actual tree saplings and so their roots are strong.  Need those out of there.  ASAP!
2.  Drag the black plastic out and cover my garden beds.  I know I've mentioned this before.  I always seem to put it off.  Bad Maven!  Bad Maven!  But I will get it done
3.  Pull up the rest of my tomato plants.  We are in a drought right now so anything I still have growing isn't going to produce much between now and the first frost.  Might as well go ahead and get the rest of the beds cleaned out and turned under (and covered by black plastic...Ahem)
4.  Weed the strawberry bed and get it ready to cover with pine straw before the first frost.  I'll do the same with my herb bed, but it is already cleaned out.  I have three volunteer parsley plants I am hopeful will over winter well.
5.  Start another compost pile.  I haven't focused only on doll clothes.  The other day I cleaned out from under our back deck and got everything organized.  It looks awesome if I do say so myself.  But while doing that I designated a 5 gallon bucket for compost scraps.  I can have it by the back door so that I can fill it without spending much time outside during the colder months.  So I am starting another compost pile and then once it gets pretty good size, I'll turn it and place the other pile on top to be used first next spring.  That's the plan anyway.
6.  Spread lime over the garden beds.  Be advised these "to do's" aren't in order.  I will cast Lime before covering with black plastic.
7. Clean out and organize the shed,putting the kerosene heater towards the front for easy accessibility.  We don't get snow very often.  We get ice most of the time and as such lose power.  I would rather not have to slip slide to the shed only to have to dig out the heater.  kwim?  Better to have it close to the door.

On the "not gardening, but still to do " list is a) replace 7 deck planks on the back deck and b) replace the interior part of two storm windows.

I realize reading my "to do" list is like watching paint dry, but this blog post is also doubling as my actual list.  Sooooo yea.  Sorry bout that.  Hey!  You're helping me out!  Thanks!  I do hope you can glean something from my to do's.  So now that I've finished my breakfast and coffee, I will be heading out to get started.  What do you think the odds are that I'll get this done today?  Mmmm yea I didn't think so either.

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