Friday, October 7, 2016

UGH! Apparently counting calories and colds don't mix.and other ramblings

And she was just trucking along when she started to feel a  Yep!  That's how my week started.  I plugged along though, working out in the yard and doing some major house cleaning stuff.  As the week went along the feeling became more pronounce and as of Wed I had the cough and a scratchy throat.  I still functioned pretty well.  I don't feel bad per sea.  Just not as energetic and then this cough and throat is kind of a bore.  Problem is, when I feel like this I always, always, always, want to eat.  Especially carbs.  The combination of wanting to eat and not wanting to move can be detrimental over time.  I am just hoping to hold my ground, but I'm not gonna sweat it.  I should be on the up side in a few days and can get back on track.  Until then I will do the best I can to keep track of what I'm eating.  Making no promises as to how pretty the tally will be for now.  Stand by.

I have been productive this week, even with feeling puny.  I've completed a lot of sewing projects for my Etsy page.  I was happy to see an outfit I made sell a couple of days ago.  I've sold a lot of baby doll diapers and slips, but not many outfits.  I've since sold my first outfit.  I just sold this little number called "Little Boy's Sunday Best".

I had been feeling a little discouraged thinking I wasn't doing so hot on my Etsy shop.  I keep a running tally type account with my Quicken and it had I was in the black a about $100.  That's after expenses like Etsy fee's. shipping, supplies, etc.  At least I was in the black, but I felt like it was slow going.  On a lark I looked back over the last 30 days on my shop and found I had made $146 in the last 30 days.  Not too bad for 30 days, considering the fact that I'm just starting out.  I'm hopeful things pick up for the holidays.  On a frugal side note, I am always looking for baby fabric with which to make doll clothes.  While waiting for my son to get out of class, I strolled through our local Good Will store.  I lucked up and found a pair of white eyelet pillow shams for $2 and then 2+ yards of actual baby knit fabric for about $2.  While watching a show with Dh I ripped (by that I mean I used a seam ripper) apart one of the shams and got 5 yards of eyelet lace and then 2 decent panels of eyelet fabric.  I already have plans for the eyelet fabric.  I have a doll I'm working on.  By that I mean I am learning to restore her.  I plan to use the fabric to make her outfit.  Once I have it finished, I will post it along with the finished doll.

To help streamline my massive sewing endeavors, I moved my sewing machine table and stuff into the Mancave/Gym.  I have my little corner, but it doesn't affect the over all manliness of the room (ahem).  One day I'll have a sewing room (hope), but until then this is much easier.  Mainly due to the power strip that hold all the power for my serger, sewing machine, iron, and light.  With one switch I can turn everything on.  Now, instead of pulling out the ironing board every time I wanted to sew, I have a folded towel in place with which to press seams or hems etc.  When I'm working on large clothes for myself or Dh, I will need to pull out the ironing board, but for doll clothes I'm good.

Do you feel like I talk about dolls a lot?  I know.  I'm sorry.  Just a big kid I guess.   On a different note,  We did finally get a dryer.  Still using the uh solar dryer, much to our youngest dismay.  Difference is we can now toss the semi-dry clothes into the dryer for a couple of minutes to fluff so they are softer.  Once cold weather comes, we will use the dryer exclusively because it helps warm the house.  Until then we pioneer away.

So now that I've finished my lunch (I counted it and we are on track!), I'm off to go make some bread cause we are out and I do mean out!  Then off to more sewing.

Loving it!

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