Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finally finished! Well at least that one.

I finally finished the gown and bonnet for my moms doll.  Here is the final pic.

I made this as a gift for my mom, but this is something I enjoy and so will also accept orders to make clothes for other people's dolls.  This dress and bonnet will go for $30 all total.  I will be posting pics of other basic outfits in a few weeks that will be alot cheaper.  Just FYI.  Here are some examples of other work I have done.  In case you are wondering the doll below is the same doll as above.  This doll was reconditioned  by me as a Christmas gift for my mom.  She needed a new outfit in a different color so Voila! enter new dress.


The little doll in the yellow dress is my baby doll from my childhood.  She looks pretty good for being 41years old.  The dress isn't her original.  In fact I believe she came in only a diaper.  This is another example of my work.  Hey, I have to toot my own horn if I want to do this as a side business.

In other news, I can say my strongest crops this year so far are my blueberry bushes, beets, herbs, and my spinach.  I have to say though, I had to replant the spinach in a window box on my deck.  For some reason they didn't come up in the raised bed.  The tomato seeds(at least 40 little babies) and onion seeds ALL came up due to the large amount of rain we have had.  I am thinking I will be potting these guys and selling off some of them; the tomatoes that is.   I have no room for all of the tomatoes.  I bought seedlings( 16 plants) as well in order to make sure I had tomatos this year.  I was afraid if I relied only on tomato seeds, I might end up with no tomatoes.  That is not an option.  I will be out of tomato sauce soon, so need to make sure I am able to make more.   Anyway, because of that I will have too many tomato plants.  So maybe I can recoup some of the cost of my tomato seedlings.  On the negative side of rain, about 8 of my tomato plants (purchased) had to be moved because the area I had them planted got flooded.  Poor things looked so pitiful.  I moved them yesterday and am hoping they bounce back now that they can breathe!  Lol.  I am going to have to put a raised bed in that area to keep the plants out of standing water.  I still need to move my squash plants.  They are not happy where they are.  Not sure why.  I am getting little to no growth and instead of lush green, the leaves are a greenish yellow.  It is risky moving squash plants.  They do not like to be moved, but I think where they are is too wet, so I have no choice.  I always tell my plants that have to move "I am giving you the only chance you have, what you do with it is up to you".  After that, it is all on them.  If you ever have to move a plant, try and do it  on a cloudy day or in the evening.  That way the plant can get its roots situated before the sun comes up again.  It is also a good idea to keep the newly moved plant covered with straw for a few days to block full sun.  It helps it adjust without all the transplant shock.  Not a lot of straw, just enough to protect it from the sun. 

Chance of rain today, so will probably be inside in the kitchen.  I need to make bread and a goodie to take to church tomorrow.  I also want to make some granola.  If I get a chance, I am going to try and do some doll clothes sewing.  So far I have two outfits ready to sell; a little bunting and bonnet set, and a little pair of jeans with a little pink summer top to match.  They are so cute!  Once I get a few more outfits, I will post them on here for those who may wish buy them.  

So my coffee cup is emptyand I hear my Dh stirring around.  It is Saturday morning and so we will  drink coffee, eat breakfast, and be lazy for a bit. Then it will be time to get started on my day.  You guys have a great day!


  1. I am so jealous of your gardening skills. My goal is to have a functional garden next year. I realized working full time and nursing babies leaves very little time for gardening and everything else. Next year Persy and Atticus will be able to run around and play and hopefully everyone will be weaned. LOL.

    Those dolls are gorgeous. I'll keep my eye out for old fashion dolls when I'm thrifting.

  2. Well Darn, I was gonna hit you up and see if you wanted some tomato plants. lol. I can bring you some herbs though when they overwhelm me.