Saturday, May 18, 2013

Okay, now we are making some gardening progress. Beam me up Scotty

Woohoo!  Okay.  The bad news, for me, is I lost 4 brocolli plants from ants #$$^&(%&^.  But!  The beets are happy.  My lima plants are finally getting bigger as well as everything else.  Just about every single tomato seed I planted has germinated and is up.  I have at least 60 plants now not counting the ones I bought.  In addition to that, though I have planted not one peanut, watermelon, or potato, I have 6 watermelon plants, 13 peanut plants, and 10 potato plants volunteering to grow.  Everything is planted that I can plant except corn  I still need to get that ground turned under to plant corn.  Blueberry bushes are covered, blackberry bushes are getting ready to bloom, and I have little baby peaches.  The problem with the peaches is there is a bird who has built thier nest for baby birds in my peach tree.  I can't decide if I should still spray again or just hope for the best and wait til birdie mama is done.  The herbs are flourishing.  I have already cut some to dry on my new (to me) rack.  I bought this as a dusty rusty thing at an antique store for $5.  This is what I became after cleaning and covering with 2 coats of clear polyurethane.

The color is the natural wood color.  No stain.  The pic is a little off, but then again so am I.  LOL. 

Today we are off to see the new Star Trek movie(Yay).  In celebration of the newest release, and because we are unashamed trekkies, we(Dh, myself, Einstein, and Rubic)all settled in over the past week and watched all of the Star Trek movies to rate them from Worst to Best.  Here is my list:

1) Wrath of Kahn- could do without the bug in the ears.  YUCK!
2) Search for Spock(gotta have the 1st before the second so they go together.  See)
3)Star Trek (2009)- although I am a little bothered about a Spock that would be influenced by his lady friend.
4) Voyage home-I liked the crew interaction and the phrase "Doc gave me a pill and I grew a new Kidney!"
5) First Contact
6) Undiscovered country
7) Insurrestion-the Pioneering side showing.  Rubic hates this one
8) Generations
10) Final Frontier
11) Star Trek the motion picture.

So now that I have my Geek on, I am going to get ready for the movie!

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