Saturday, May 4, 2013

Store bought wheat bread can not all

Yesterday was the first day I got to use freshly ground wheat flour for bread making.  I was needing to finish up the flour I had already bought at the store.  I am amazed at how different the texture and taste is compared to the store bought wheat flour. 
Now there are two differnt types of wheat berries, hard and soft.  Soft wheat or spring wheat is the kind you use to make whole wheat pastry flour for things like cakes, cookie, etc.  Hard or winter wheat is what is used to make flour for any type of yeast bread. Hard wheat comes in either red or white.  The red makes a darker,  more dense loaf, and the white makes a lighter loaf.  The flour you buy at the store, unless specified otherwise, is red.  Now it was good, but I needed to mix half regular flour and half whole wheat flour to get the right lift in my bread.  Yesterday I tried the white for the first time.   It is the best of both worlds.  You get the texture of bread made with regular bread flour, but the benefits of the whole grain.  Plus the taste is wonderful. 
I still used the half/half ratio of flour because I wasn't sure what it would do, but my next batch will definately be 100% whole wheat flour.  I already use 100% whole wheat(pastry flour) when making my cookies and such.  This should not be a big stretch. 
Those in my area who want to have the benefits of fresh ground flour, but don't have a grain mill, Nora Mill is where I get my wheat berries.  They run the mill on Saturdays til noon.  You can request something fresh ground I am sure.  I get my wheat germ there as well.  Some stuff is more in cost, but not the wheat germ and not the wheat berries I buy.  I get them by the 50lb bag.  For those of you not in my area, do some research to see if there is a granary or mill in your area.  Mean while you can do like I did and troll thrift and antique stores to see if you might happen on a grain mill for your home.  It is so worth it. 

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