Sunday, May 12, 2013

I love you mom,

This is my mom.

Little bitty thing ain't she.  Don't let her size fool ya.  She is my super hero and the small size is her secret identity.  My mom was a stay at home mom and raised 5 kids.  My life has been a life of Buggie boos, Mini Ha Ha Lunches, Foo Foos, and Whoop de Doo's.    My memories include my mom teaching me the proper way to wrap a blanket around my baby doll so she would be snuggly and warm.  A lesson I used when I had real babies of my own to raise.  There was a panty hose doll made from old panty hose.  She made it in about 5 minutes.  The top of the panty hose was the head.  She put a rubber band around the top, leaving some of the waist band out to make hair.  The legs or the hose became the arms and legs of the doll.  She was great. There were beds made on the couch if we were sick so she could care for us.  To this day if  I am sick the first thing I want is my mom.  This woman worked in a garden far larger than mine could ever think of being, and a lot of time it was alone.  We kids hated working in the garden.  Ironic huh.  When we first moved to the country, our house wasn't finished so we lived in our pop up camper for about 6 weeks until the house was "dried in".  She canned and made Jelly on a coleman camp stove!  She was the kisser of boo boos, nurse, cook, maid, gardener.  She was the voice on the line when I needed advice, or just to hear her voice.  You know boo boos change as you get older.  They become more internal than external.  She is my rock, my life line. 

Mom, I can nver tell you enough how much I love you.  I am the most privalaged of children in that I got to be your daughter.  You are the reason I am who I am.  So mom, Happy Mothers day!  I love you!

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