Saturday, September 6, 2014

Garden 2014

I would say " total", but the garden is still in progress.

116 BEETS (Final)
7.5 BAGS SALAD GREENS (Final)(Fall Planting)
8 lb oz  oz Banana Peppers (still coming in)
7 lb   oz bell peppers (Still coming in)
4.4 lbs red cabbage (Final)
7.12 lbs green cabbage (Final)(Fall Planting)
43 lbs pickling cucumbers(Final)
16 lbs green beans (Final)
Pinto Beans (In Progress)
Sweet Potatoes (In progress)
20 lbs franken squash (Final)(what I processed.  The rest went to chickens so not counted)
32 lbs 0 oz yellow squash (Final)
30 lbs 2 oz Blueberries (Final)
8lbs 5 oz Black Berries (Final)
114 ears of Corn (Final)
10 lb White Lima beans (still coming in)
283lb  oz Roma Tomatoes (Final)
83 lb 4 oz Better Boy Tomatoes (still coming in)
7 lbs  8oz Cherry Tomatoes (volunteers)(still coming in)
Butternut Squash (in progress)
6 Watermelon- 140lbs (1 more to pick)
6 lb 2 oz jalepenos
Peanuts (Volunteers)(in progress)
8 oz Potatoes (volunteers)(Final)

Total so far not counting eggs, chicks, beets, salad greens, corn, broccoli, pinto beans, sweet potatoes, peanuts, butternut squash, or herbs:
706 lbs of food.  Please note, many of these items are still coming in.  Total outlay  of money is about $190 ish which counts items like edging for raised beds which will be used year after year as well as the difference in my water bill due to watering some.  So .25 per lb of food or less. 

Herbs harvested
Lemon balm
Lemon Thyme
*** all of these herbs do double duty: Culinary and Medicinal

Fall planted

More Cabbage
Salad Greens

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