Saturday, September 27, 2014

((Sigh))...uh....I got nuthin.

Seriously folks.  I am at a loss right now as to what to write.  I have writers block on my own blog!  Mainly this is due to the change of seasons.  The gardening season is wrapping up and the Christmas season hasn't hit yet.  I have picked the last of the lima beans.  They aren't shelled yet, but I should at least get a couple of pounds of dried beans.  I will more than likely dig up the sweet potatoes on Wednesday so they can cure a little.  I found out they need  to have a couple of days at the 80 degree mark to cure.  Did not know that.  Hey this is only my second year of sweet potatoes!  According to the weather man I should only have 2 days of around 80 degrees and then we get some rain and cooler temps (Weeeeeee).  Most of my time recently has been spent putting the garden to bed for the season.  All but my cool crops which are loving the temps and are doing fine.  This is the time of year when I determine what worked and what didn't and where to change things next year.  This year, as the beds are put to sleep for the winter, I am covering them with black plastic.  This should heat the soil up to the extent that weeds and weed seeds should die.  They should break down over the winter and make really good soil come spring.  Hope. 

I have opened up what I call lovingly call the Beckner Country Store.  It is temporary; only open from September to December31st.  It isn't an actual physical store.  I am selling Cranberry Conserve, Blueberry conserve, Apple Butter, Fresh Bread, and Butter Toffee Crunch.  That is all.  I mainly sell to friends, family, co-workers, (ahem..readers).  I have had a few orders so far and am getting excited to start getting the orders filled.  Most of them are slated for Thanksgiving so I have a little bit of time to get situated.  This is fun I have to say.  So for those interested, here is the price list:

Cranberry Conserve- $5 a pint- A wonderful Hearty jam like addition to biscuits/muffins, bread, or even ice cream.  Also a great alternative to cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner.   Made with whole cranberries, chopped oranges, raisins and pecans.
 Blueberry conserve- $5 a pint- Like the Cranberry conserve, this jam is a hearty addition to any breakfast, except expect the wonderful addition of lemons as well as oranges.  No nuts in this one though.
Apple Butter- $3.50 for half pint - nothing feels more like fall than to open a jar of apple butter and taste that sweet spicy spread. 
Butter Toffee Crunch- $2 for 4 oz or $8lb-  Be fore warned this stuff is addictive.  But then you can't put 1 cup of real butter in a candy and it not be.  Reminds me of Heath or score bars, but so much better.  The candy is light, melt in your mouth.  Not as brittle as peanut brittle, but has a nice crisp feel to it.  I prefer it with Walnuts, but many like pecans or no nuts at all.
Fresh Bread- $5 loaf-  100% whole wheat bread made by hand (no bread machine) and with wheat flour ground the day of baking, olive oil, and raw honey.  If you prefer I can use half wheat and half white flour. 

Hopefully my next post will be chock full off all kinds of interesting tidbits.  Not a barn burner this one, but I promise to do better next time.

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