Saturday, September 13, 2014

Winding up and Winding down

I guess you could say my life is in a constant state of tizzy.  For those of you not from the south, a "Tizzy" is craziness.  I have about 2 months out of the year, usually around Jan and Feb, where a lull happens.  Christmas is over and it is too early to plant anything.  At that time I am chomping at the bit, pouring over seed catalogues or websites, perusing my gardening books, etc.  Then we are off with planting season, gardening season, and harvesting.

Now that harvest season is winding down, with the exception of the few scragglers and the cool weather things I have planted, it has dawned on me that Christmas is just around the corner.  I HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!AHHHH!  And we're OFF!  Dada da ta da da ta da da da da!  Need to start planning gifts; what to make, what to buy.  I already have the space opened up for my tree(s)( yes I have two).  I love this time of year.  I am a Christmas nut!  I love the sights, sounds, food, all of it.  Now I don't like the early start stores have.  I mean seriously, many stores already have Christmas Decorations out and it is still Sept!  I try to not look at it because I don't want to already be burned out on Christmas stuff before the holiday season starts.  Don't get me wrong, I decorate as early as possible I think.  Our tradition is to put the family tree up Thanksgiving night and the rest follows over the following weekend.  I just don't think decorations in the store need to be put out earlier than Thanksgiving.  Just my personal opinion. 

(sigh)  I would love just one time to be able to experience the holiday season like my mom did as a child.  She tells me that there would be no sign of Christmas up until Thanksgiving.  All the stores were closed on Thanksgiving.  When they re-opened the day after, she said it was like a wonderland of Christmas.  Now we have stores competing to open as early as possible Thanksgiving day!  How many people are missing time with their family on Thanksgiving in order for people to shop that early.  I won't do it.  I stopped shopping day after Thanksgiving when they started opening on Thanksgiving.  I realize those people get paid time and a half.  I realize those people are lucky to have a job.  I just believe there needs to be something more important in our lives.  A time to stop for a day and give thanks for what we have.  A time to anticipate what the rest of the holiday means.  Thanksgiving is not about shopping. It is about giving thanks for the blessings we have.   Christmas isn't about shopping.  I love the whole gift giving things, but Christmas is about The Gift.  The Greatest gift.  Not just a babe in a manager,  but the gift He brought of grace and salvation to all who seek Him.

So while my official Christmas starts after Thanksgiving, my prep for it starts now.  Things I may want to make for gifts, can't wait until Thanksgiving.  Money needing to be budgeted, needs to be budgeted now.  3 months 12 days away.  Winding down the garden, Winding up for Christmas.

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