Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yep, even I need to learn a thing or two.

Sooooo this mama had a minor meltdown the other day.  The stress I guess of constantly spinning plates got to me and I found myself .....upset.  Dh, the poor recipient of my er...uh...upsetness,(yes spell check I know that isn't a real word..according to you), pointed out that I need a hobby.  My first thought was I do have hobbies; gardening, canning, baking, etc.  Then it dawned on me (with his help) that I have no hobbies for just me.  Everything I consider a hobby is for the good of the family.  He said I don't read anymore.  Now I do read, cookbooks, savings books, homestead books.  See a pattern here?  I haven't read for pleasure in at least 2 years.  It's an occupational hazard of caring for a household, being a wife and mother, to lose yourself in the process.  I was trying to be all things to all people and that is not possible.  You have to do something that is yours and yours alone.  Now reading is one hobby I love, but others are sewing or shopping for me, and my dolls/doll clothes,  Love my baby dolls.  Always have.  I love reconditioning antique baby dolls.  Dh bought me an air brush painting system last year for Christmas and I have yet to take it out of the box.  I have purchased books (thrift store, I mean lets not get too crazy) that haven't been read, and I rarely shop; well unless at a thrift store.  I do love my thrift stores.  My defense was that I just didn't have time.  Make time was his response. 

So now this mama has turned over a new leaf.  I am allowing myself time to do some of the things I enjoy personally.  My Dh and sons have stepped up to help out more around the house, and I am letting them.  Very important frugal lesson, MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! 

Now where to start first.......

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